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Race Prelude: Feather Run 2011

by On Nov 10, 2011
Race Prelude: Feather Run 2011

So when was the last time you visited Jurong Bird Park? In school on one of those compulsory excursions perhaps? Forget all that 'restrained' behaviour imposed by your teacher-in-charge or guardian. This time round, you can take-off and run without being ticked off for ill-discipline. That’s right. While the rooster crows and the creatures of the air awaken to the morning sunrise, you’ll get the privilege to cruise by alongside.

From where we see it, the Feather Run isn’t that much of a competitive race. To fully grasp the sights and sounds of one of the world’s largest bird enclosures – can’t believe we’re saying this – its better you go easy on the pace and let those eyes of yours wander. But of course there'll be some whose competitive streaks would get the better of them. Not wrong. We’re just suggesting how to get the best out of this unique experience.

There will be 16 categories spread across three race distances – 1.5 kilometres, 3.5 kilometres and 7 kilometres. The reason why we mentioned you shouldn’t “burst” is because there are children running as well. It’s a family-friendly race for one.

Just below is the 1.5-kilometre route which will be shared by the Boys and Girls Challenge (6 to 8 years; 9 to 12 years) together with the Men’s and Women’s Open. The map speaks for itself. It’s a Jurong Bird Park run alright. There’s the Flamingo Pool, Flamingo Lake, Pelican Cove, Parrot Paradise, Swan Lake, African Waterfall Aviary, Dinosaur Descendents, Birds of Prey, and a slew of others which you’ll come to appreciate as you pass by.

The 1.5km Fun Run/Walk & Challenge routeCourtesy of Pink Apple

The 1.5km Fun Run/Walk & Challenge route

The 3.5-kilometre and 7-kilometre route will take a slight detour to Jurong Hill for the first time ever in the history of this race. It’s steep, yes, with a gradient that would undoubtedly stir up lactic in the thighs. As represented below, 7-kilometre runners will do two loops instead of one with the omission of the Boys and Girls Challenge (6 to 8 years) category – they are too young.

The 3.5km & 7km Challenge routeCourtesy of Pink Apple

The 3.5km & 7km Challenge route

Just some pointers to note: 3.5-kilometre and 7-kilometre runners will flag-off at 9.30am, 1.5-kilometre Challenge at 10am, while the 1.5-kilometre Fun Run/Walk at 10.30am. Please arrive at least half an hour before. Additionally, it’s imperative that your race bibs are pinned at CHEST level if you want an accurate time reading. Not waist, not groin, not at the back.

Well, that’s it then. See you Sunday at Singapore's bird sanctuary!

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