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Safari Zoo Run 2013: Let Animals and Nature Charm You

by On Feb 18, 2013
Safari Zoo Run 2013: Let Animals and Nature Charm You

If our animal friends have the sense of curiosity, they will be wondering about the avalanche of humans running about in their home. There’s a saying that goes, “5th time is the charm”. The Safari Zoo Run 2013 celebrates its milestone race for the fifth year running. This year, the race was fully subscribed and runners were looking forward to another fun-filled day!

Safari Zoo Run 2013: Animals and Nature to Charm You

It was my first time at the Safari Zoo Run and I was really looking forward to this race because it was the ideal event to spend merry moments with my wife and friends! I am very sure it was the same for many families who turned up in the sparky looking race tees! The little ones have never been so excited about running and they were even seen going ahead of their parents.

The Safari Zoo Run attracted runners from all walks of life. There was the Safari Zoo Challenge which compelled serious runners to complete a 12km route in and about the Zoo and Night Safari. There was also the Safari Zoo Fun Run which encompassed a 6km leisure run. There was also a 2.8km route drawn for kids who might discover their love for running.

The early risers were welcomed with excellent efficiency of race flow. The efficacious volunteers who were marshaling at the multi-storey car park ensured a smooth flow for drivers to settle with parking.

Enthusiasm filled the air at the start point and the flag off took place punctually. The race marshals worked really hard to ensure a clear running route. Hydration points were ample and provisions were more than ample at the stops.

Safari Zoo Run 2013: Let Animals and Nature Charm You

Many would agree that the run allowed avid nature lovers to come into touch with green habitats that housed the lovely animals. Runners could be seen taking stops along the route just to come close to the animals and enjoy the nature. Clearly, race timing was not a priority for some of the runners. For most, it was like running in Africa.

Halfway through the race, skies became grey and a heavy downpour came unfortunately for the 6km fun runners. The persistent rain did not dull runners’ spirits but merely made them turn to other activities. Some runners chose to carry on running in the rain while many turned to attending animal shows, visiting the animals at their coves and answering the call of hungers at the resident eateries!

In our everyday lives, there are times when things do not happen according to plan due to circumstances that are beyond human jurisdiction. We have learnt to function efficiently and naturally learnt to expect the same. Yet, I am glad that everyone made the most out of the circumstances and found their own fun in this event. More importantly, families and friends found great joy spending time together to laugh, play and eat under shelter.

Safari Zoo Run 2013: Animals and Nature to Charm You

Overall, the race was well-organised despite a minor post-race hiccup with medals. I already aspire to bring my kids for this race in the years to come. I hope it stays on forever as long as the Zoos exist.

I say this is about the only race in Singapore that is truly for the convivial. But hey, let’s continue to aspire to race the cheetahs.

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Gideon Ren is an educator by passion and does sports the rest of the time(with ample amount of sleep, of course). His "sporty" lifestyle includes running, basketball, badminton and soccer. He believes that eating right is key to anyone's lifestyle. Eating right has a great effect on how you rest, play, speak and run. He has completed numerous marathons and many other races. He has also had the privilege of being an Official Pacer for 2XU Compression Run, SAFRA Singapore Bay Run/AHM, Sundown and Standard Chartered Singapore Marathons. He is currently part of "Running Department", a running club based in Singapore.

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