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Safari Zoo Run 2014: Unleash The Beasts In You

by On Feb 17, 2014
Safari Zoo Run 2014: Unleash The Beasts In You

It’s not everyday that you get to race alongside the big cats of the safari. Back again for its 6th year, Wildlife Reserves Singapore and race organisers Pink Apple marshaled a run that encapsulates the beauty of wildlife and running.

Safari Zoo Run 2014: Unleash The Beasts In You

The run was conceptualized to commemorate one of Singapore’s most beloved iconic animal personalities, the orangutan Ah Meng who passed away of old age in 2008.

Last year, more than S$100,000 was raised for the conservation of endangered animal species. With the help of over 8,000 runners this year, the organizers are set to top that amount.

Spoilt For Choice At The Zoo

The colourful posters and animated animal figurines gave the impression of a family orientated run. However, the myriad of categories gave me a headache on which to choose.

I was torn between running 6km competitively and opting for the fun run (also 6km) which started at 10am.

The 12km safari zoo challenge was way out of my league after seeing the race map. I would have to run two loops around the Night Safari and Singapore Zoo before plunging into exhaustion!

I decided on the 6km competitive run, only 1 mere loop with the additional liberty of looking at the animal exhibits.

Running Wild With Rhinos, Tigers and Monkeys

The congestion at the flag-off (7am) was aggravating but thankfully, human traffic smoothed after a few kilometres. With runners jostling for space, the route was tricky to navigate.

Safari Zoo Run 2014: Unleash The Beasts In You

The turns, accompanied by the bumps and slopes proved to be an uphill task for some. But… if you can’t run, you have fun.

No surprise that many were busy snapping selfies with the baffled animals. Apart from weaving through runners, wandering visitors proved to be another obstacle. I would be bewildered if I was in their shoes. Wrong day to visit the zoo!

Safari Zoo Run 2014: Unleash The Beasts In You

Hassle-Free Experience

The baggage point was no hassle and the 4 hydration points were strategically placed for convenience’s sake. I was particularly impressed with the crowd control at the starting and ending points of the race as the volunteers professionally handled them. To everyone’s delight, exclusive animal finisher medals were given at the end of the race.

Contrary to popular belief, sharing the morning air with the safari residents wasn't that bad. The smell of animal poo is nothing when you’re gasping for air.

The Safari Zoo run was a unique experience, and a therapeutic run around the zoo after sums up a memorable morning.

Event Overview

  • Running in the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari while looking at the exotic animals was an enjoyable experience.
  • Exclusive and unique animal finisher medals.
  • Race volunteers were professional at handling the crowd, and baggage point located conveniently.
  • The Zoo and Night Safari was still open to visitors, which caused slight congestion.
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