Adorable animals, countless slopes, enthusiastic crews and zookeepers. Whether you need some support, some challenges to test your endurance or just some motivation, Safari Zoo Run 2015 will give you plenty of them! One of the first few races of the year, Safari Zoo Run 2015 not only started off with a funky workout that was led by Fitness First’s fitness instructors, but also roped in Yellow Fellows’ burning passion for the fight against cancer.

By 3 plus p.m., the starting pen was already enveloped with much excitement and anxiety. Pumped-up music was blasting as the participants were either doing their warm-ups or taking selfies with their running buddies. The atmosphere could not be any better—competitive, exciting, fun.

At 4:00 p.m. sharp, the horn sounded. As the 12km race category is a competitive one, it was hard not to dash across the starting point. Even though the number of participants was overwhelming, the start of the race was smooth due to the wide race routes. Yet, as past participants would have known, the Safari Zoo Run is never an easy one for any race participant to sprint their way through. Indeed, within the first few kilometres of the race, several slopes were encountered. Not only did they challenge your endurance, they posed as a huge test for your resilience as well. For the adventurous participants out there, it must have felt like an enjoyment for them to overcome those slopes.

Despite the challenging race routes, many of the participants continued to strive on. Panting, perspiring, and persevering. After all, what can be more motivational than the amazing menagerie of animals? The lumbering bears stood up to seemingly cheer for us, the hairy orang utans threw us some stares as if challenging us to complete the tough routes, and the lanky giraffes started running, seemingly eager to be our running buddies. Yet, nothing can be more encouraging than the enthusiastic cheers from the road marshals and the zookeepers. Many thanks to them!

As the weather was pretty warm and humid on the race day itself, I was really glad that there were ample water stations. In fact, the water stations were located at great locations too since there were little congestions. Despite the various categories, the organisers made sure that the race routes were not congested.

As many of the runners would know, a race is never a good and enjoyable one without proper runner’s etiquette. Not only was it nice of the host to brief the participants about runner’s etiquette before the race started, it was even more heartening to witness that most of the runners abide by the “unspoken” runner’s etiquette like no shoving or pushing around even if someone is blocking your way. Also, despite the fact that tourists were allowed along the race routes, most of them kept to one side of the pathways. Most importantly, each race category had its own unique medal. Not to forget, they are awesomely cute!

To conclude, as many of the past participants would have agreed, the Safari Zoo Run is never a boring one. Challenging, wild and fun—the Safari Zoo Run captures the epitome of each of them every single year. After all, what can be more awesome than a race filled with passion, adventure and warm-heartedness?

Am I tempting you to join the run already? Well, sign up next year! Do not worry if you are not a competitive runner because a fun run is available too! What’s more, there is a family run to cater for kids as well! Get ready to play ‘fastest fingers first’ next year because slots for the Safari Zoo Run always run out fast!

Event Overview

  • Wide race routes ensure smooth passages and reduce congestion
  • Lively road marshals and zookeepers to spur on runners during the race
  • Ample water stations located at strategic locations
  • Orderly event with a clear display of runner’s etiquette as they kept to one side and shared the pathways with tourists
  • Plenty of opportunities to encounter animals
Chelza Chong Jiayu

“Life is like exercise. The harder it gets, the stronger you become”. Chelza believes that the key to being a stronger and better person is to stay strong, never give up and embrace challenges. Being an adrenaline junkie, she loves trying all kinds of sports like netball and swimming, though running is still her favourite sport. To her, running is relaxing and therapeutic. During her leisure time, she writes poetry and short stories. Guilty of being a caffeine-addict, she never misses her daily dose of coffee and tea.

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