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Salomon Run on the former KTM Railway Track

by On May 21, 2012
Salomon Run on the former KTM Railway Track

About 1,600 adventure seekers, trail runners or history buffs jogged through and captured a slice of history via the former KTM Railway track today, 20 May 2012, in the 14km 2nd Tiong Bahru Salomon Urban Trail Run. Last year’s run saw a total turnout of 1000 participants while this year had 1,600 participants, exceeding even beyond the targeted 1,500 participants.

Runners counting down to the flag off

Runners counting down to the flag off

The Tiong Bahru Urban Trail Run’s objective is to encourage more road runners to give a shot at trail running. While road and track running can be mundane on flat grounds, trail running tends to traverse varying terrains that inject more excitement for the adrenaline junkies.

Running up the steps towards the Henderson Bridge

Running up the steps towards the Henderson Bridge

An approximately 2.5 km of the former KTM Railway track starting at Alexandra Village is part of the trail challenge. Runners saw Singapore in different facets – from urbanized concrete roads, lush greenery to nostalgic moments of yesteryear.

Going strong and steady

Going strong and steady

Race Results


  1. Melvin Wong - 1hr 59sec
  2. Lexxus Tan - 1hr 3min 19sec
  3. Kamal Magar - 1hr 3min 21sec
  4. Lim Lu Kai - 1hr 3min 25sec
  5. Lee Pui Loong Henry - 1hr 3min 27sec


  1. Rachel See - 1hr 9min 8sec
  2. Kiyomi Urbas Muraki - 1hr 12min 49sec
  3. Hana Cheong - 1hr 14min 52sec
  4. Moore Deborah Elaine - 1hr 17min 11sec
  5. Marie Leautey - 1hr 17min 37sec

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