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Salomon X-trail Run 2012: It’s a Jungle Bash

by On Nov 27, 2012
Salomon X-trail Run 2012: It’s a Jungle Bash

Jungle bashing takes a new form with the Salomon X-trail run 2012! Fifth time’s the charm, as organizers limit numbers to provide the best trail running experience for participants. Held at the Tampines Mountain Bike Park & Trail, the 1,788 eager trail blazers were flagged off at 7:30am sharp after a night of heavy downpour. The Salomon X-trail Run 2012 is one of the most unique running experiences around! Rock, vegetation, clay, sand and mud will hinder you from your goal. Not only are there obstacles on the ground and physical barriers, canopy and over-hanging branches will add precious seconds to your fastest timing. Of course this is expected, so preparation is key!

Salomon X-trail Run 2012: It’s a Jungle Bash

Many participants were seen sporting normal running gear with soft shoes and node support. This technological pairing did not help them when jumping across depressions and scaling rocky hills! With well-crafted groves and the correct base signature, Salomon trail blazers smashed through the terrain to the glorious finish line.

The 9km stretch started with excited runners on an even tar road. Organizers eased them into the race with an introductory stretch of gravel and a teaser run into the dirt track. Jungle spanned both sides and the lane was only two shoulder lengths wide. It was a squeeze! Thankfully, everyone kept a quick pace at the start. The running pack started to thin as the veterans slowed down into a morning brisk walk. Up a hill and deeper into a trail, the path started to dwindle to a mere lane – big enough for one very tiny person. This was where choke points started to form.

Salomon X-trail Run 2012: It’s a Jungle Bash

As it had been raining the night before, many were reluctant to quicken their pace and fall into the mud, which seemed to go on for ages. Safety was a key concern for the elderly. The oldest racer being 82 years old, everyone was polite and looked out for each other. Organizers of the race placed route marshals at key locations, especially physically challenging obstacles, to facilitate the race. During a small river crossing, volunteers assisted those that were unable to clear the obstacle on their own with smiles as wide as their support!

Salomon X-trail Run 2012: It’s a Jungle Bash

The Salomon X-trail Run 2012 was an enjoyable experience for runners of all fitness levels. The sun was a perfect blue and the trail was an excellent mix of demanding terrain. Reserve a slot for the sixth installment next year, because it’s more than just a run – it’s a jungle bash!

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