On Sunday morning, 13th of May was the running event for Singapore Kindness Run. When I reached the venue for Singapore Kindness Run which was at Angsana Green @ East Coast Park, I was surprised yet relieved to be able to find the place where the event is held easily. Compared to my first running event which was the Mizuno Women’s Run, Singapore Kindness Run venue was so much easier to find. They even have ushers at certain points of the place where people enter to inform them on where to go to the event place.

When I reach the event place, I thought I would have to look around and search for the bag drop booth but I was wrong. The bag drop signage was big and clear that it’s hard to miss it! The booth is also big enough for them to split the queue into men, women, and kids. While I was waiting for the 3.5km to flag-off, me and my friends went to walk around the booths to briefly check out the booths.

There were 3 different zones which are care zone, kindness zone, and graciousness zone. For care zone, it features SGCARES, Singapore Kindness Movement, and SportCares Foundation. Kindness zone features platinum yoga, Starbalm muscle rub, KOS sunglasses and SG bike. Graciousness zone features 100Plus site hydration, HooGa+, Information and finisher’s entitlements.

3.5km go go!

At 7 a.m was the flag-off for the 10km run and then followed by at 7.15 a.m, it was the flag-off for the 3.5km run. Once the 10KM runners have taken off, me and my friends had some time to stretch around before heading towards the starting line. At around 7.10 a.m, the host asked all the 3.5km runners to gather in front of the starting line and we were all asked to recite the kindness pledge.

Honestly, I was amazed at how all of our fellow Singaporeans and foreigners actually recite the pledge together, I felt touched. Just when it turns 7.15 a.m, the siren starts to sound and all of us started running. Hearing the sound of the siren is just as thrilling as you running with all the other people, nervous and excited.

Halfway through

While running through the Angsana Green @ East Coast Park route, there were ushers and clear big sign boards at some points of the route. The signs at a certain part of the route tell us if we should turn and if the 10km runners should continue running. At the stations where the signboards are, some of the ushers are also there to guide and support the runners by giving them the motivation to keep on going.

Great weather, cooling atmosphere and running by the beach, it definitely feels amazing because it makes the run feels a lot better. At the halfway point of the route, there was a water area where the runners can grab some drink before continuing their run. The people there at the water station was really friendly and motivating.

Post run

It took me and my friends approximately 20 minutes to complete the 3.5km run and the moment the 3 of us crossed the finish line together, we were greeted by a group of people telling us that we did a great job. It felt good and satisfying. We proceeded to the Graciousness Zone to collect our food and beverages and also our finisher medal. Though it was just a 3.5km run, we felt the feeling of accomplishment! Soon after we have collected the things at the Graciousness Zone, we went to get our bags at the Bag Drop area.

While me and my friends were waiting for the remaining runners to finish their run, we took a lot of photos together to keep as memories and while we were walking around looking at the booths, we saw Mr. Canagasabai Kunalan, Singapore’s sprinter whose national record couldn’t be beaten for 33 years in the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games 100 metres! It was such an honor to be able to have a photo and small talk with him.

Event overview

  • Direction signs were clear and informative.
  • The volunteers were encouraging
  • The signs for the booth area is big and clear, easily spotted.
  • The staffs were all efficient

Were you a part of this year’s Singapore Kindness Run too? What did you think about the event?

Lee Nah

Lee Nah is a sports enthusiast who enjoys playing different kind of sports like floorball, hockey and even soccer! She personally believes in life long learning and self-development.

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