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Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2015 Race Review: Moving On After Our Jubilee Year

by On Dec 12, 2015
Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2015 Race Review: Moving On After Our Jubilee Year

Time flies and in the blink of an eye, December has arrived. Many of us celebrate the end of the year with either a Christmas feast, a shopping spree or a long-awaited vacation. Yet, last Sunday, thousands of us celebrated the end of 2015 with a phenomenal, exciting and satisfying race.

Well, what was this race? If you have seen pictures of MRT stations or Cityhall itself flooded by a sea of blue/green runners, you will have an idea of the race I am referring to. Yes, it is the annual Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore!

Pre Race Adrenaline

Before the sun was up, countless fitness enthusiasts were already making their way towards the starting point for the 10km race. Though it was a long walk to the starting point, the scenery of the break of dawn and Singapore’s cityscape was so captivating that many of the participants had stopped to take an Instagram-worthy picture of it. Like in previous Standard Chartered Marathons, I am always overwhelmed by the air of anticipation and excitement throughout the race but especially, at the starting pen. The hosts never fail to cook up an atmosphere of fun and the enthusiasm of the participants complemented it well.

Crowded but Safe Start

At 7.15 a.m. sharp, the horn sounded and off we ran. Due to the overwhelming number of participants, there were jams experienced at several points of the race routes. This was especially so during the first few kilometres of the race. Yet, it was heartening to witness that everyone was courteous and polite. Thus, there was little frustration sensed amongst the crowd. Like many of the participants out there, I enjoy a scenic run and was really happy that this year’s race route has picturesque scenery.

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2015 Race Review: Moving On After Our Jubilee Year

Me (in the middle) and my sister (right) together with Mok Ying Ren (Left), winner of the Marathon Singaporeans Category.

The flyer, the Esplanade and the Singapore Sports Hub. You name it, we saw it. Hydration is important for every single runner and the organisers for the race had taken that into consideration. There were ample hydration points along the race route and they provided both isotonic and non-isotonic drinks. also, to cheer each of us on, the organisers of the race set up various cheer boards as distance markers along the race route.

Post Race Treats

The post-race logistics and organisation is as important as the races themselves and I have to say, the organisers of the race did a great job on that. Not only were the queues for the collection of the medals smooth, the carnival itself was exciting too! Tiger Balm’s muscle rub/gel was provided to ease aches whilst props were given out for everyone to capture their glory moments.

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2015 Race Review: Moving On After Our Jubilee Year

Looking Forward to Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2016

Over all, this year’s Standard Chartered Marathon was one that should not have been missed by any fitness enthusiasts out there. In fact, throughout years of participation in Standard Chartered Marathons, I have to admit that it has never failed to reach my expectations and is one of the most well-organised races ever. Thank you for ending my 2015 with a blast and a great sense of achievement, and I look forward to the 2016 edition!

How was your experience of the race? Will you be coming back again next year? Yes or no, we would love to hear your thoughts.

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