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Sundown Marathon 2012: See the Night in a Different Light

by On May 28, 2012
Sundown Marathon 2012: See the Night in a Different Light

Whether you successfully battled the rain on Sunday or if the rain won, you likely emerged from the weekend’s Sundown Marathon with a great story. It was inspiring as RunSociety witnessed many pushing your limits.

The 28,000-strong participants were brought through a scenic route from Nicoll Highway to Marina Bay Sands, Marina Barrage, Gardens by the Bay and the eastern tracks of Singapore in this fifth edition of the Sundown Marathon.

21km and 42km runners pounding the streets of Singapore

21km and 42km runners pounding the streets of Singapore

Kudos to the organisers, the race route was refreshing and challenging with enough slopes and new paths. With meticulous planning and attention to details, obstacles and danger spots were well marked-out with light sticks and lamps. Hydration stations were evenly spaced out, offering runners sufficient support throughout the race. Not to mention that there was a movie marathon screening to keep supporters occupied.

First wave of 10km runners along Nicoll Highway

First wave of 10km runners along Nicoll Highway

Nazri Rahman, 21-year old student from the National University of Singapore, is in his second Sundown Marathon race, nailed it at 3 hours 35 mins.

Definitely a good thing that it was a different route from the past few years. I was getting bored of the coastal route! There were some good race segments where running across the Marina Barrage dam was a nice change. It got a little dangerous at unlit areas, some even pitch dark and narrow paths.

As a whole, except for a few hitches, runners have a little to complain about. Unfortunately, there was confusion at the start point as 21-kilometre and 42-kilometre category runners shared the same flag-off. There were huge balloons that marked out the pacers’ timings but the race queue was barricaded. Everybody had no idea where to enter the queue. The runners just stood around and waited for the security to open the barricades.

When every second counts

When every second counts

The race also saw a huge number of 10-kilometre participants. Kien Mau Lim was first to cross the FINISH line, completing 10 kilometres in a respectable time of 34min 51sec. Singapore’s favourite Anne Date, 31, won the Women’s 10km race in 38mins 8secs.

Race Results


  1. Kien Mau Lim- 34min 51sec
  2. Gen Lin Foo- 35min 5sec
  3. Philip Ramachandran- 36min 24sec


  1. Anne Qihui- 38min 8sec
  2. Vivian Tang- 38min 24sec
  3. Ying Rong Mok- 40min 39sec


  1. John Philip Dueñas– 1hr 14min 28sec
  2. Stuart Mclay- 1hr 17min 32sec
  3. Ivan Low- 1hr 18min 43sec


  1. Mary Joy Tabal- 1hr 25min 28sec
  2. Lim Baoying- 1hr 33min 59sec
  3. Rachel See- 1hr 34min 41sec


  1. Alex Ong Seng Lee- 3hrs 3min 33sec
  2. Kwong Man Lau- 3hrs 5min 17sec
  3. Russell Ericksen- 3hrs 5min 45sec


  1. Susan Arbuthnott- 3hrs 23min 2sec
  2. Pui Yan Chow- 3hrs 31min 14sec
  3. Stella Lee- 3hrs 37min 23sec

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