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The Bull Charge 2011: Given a Run for the Money… Raised

by On Nov 12, 2011
The Bull Charge 2011: Given a Run for the Money Raised

We’re not financial pundits but it doesn’t take a genius to figure that the global economy is not exactly ship-shape at the moment. That said, it’s encouraging to know that generosity is still very much intact at the hearts of those who’ve been hit the hardest – the financial community – amid these trying times.

A total of $1.139 million was raised at The Bull Charge this year, the eighth instalment, with a record 5,000 participants from listed companies and the financial community turning up in full force in its strongest show of support yet.

The funds amassed would be distributed to a few specially handpicked local charities, providing a much needed boost for the good they do. They include the Autism Youth Centre by Autism Association, Care Corner Family Service Centre, Community Rehab and Help Me Go Home Programme by Tan Tock Seng, Community Charity Fund, Lions Befrienders Service Association, and Shared Services for Charities.

“I am heartened by the strong support shown by our corporate sponsors, corporate chiefs and runners. Your participation in The Bull Charge shows that a financial community with a heart can indeed make a difference to those in need.” says Magnus Bocker, CEO, SGX.

Among the highlights was the Chief Challenge where heads of multinationals, 17 of them in total, joined Bocker (who finished 3rd eventually) in hitting the roads to raise funds; leading by example as they always say. The corporate chiefs were from ANZ, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, CapitaLand, Clifford Chance, Cosco Corporation, Courts (Singapore), Deutsche Bank, HSBC, K-Green Trust, Kreuz, Macquarie Capital (Singapore), Newedge Financial, OSIM International, Park Hotel Group, Singtel and Yongnam Holdings.

Off they go, all 17 part of the Chief Challenge

Off they go, all 17 part of the Chief Challenge

There was also a Management Team Relay and not to mention, the much hyped about Bull Challenge which saw eight teams competing to lasso and tow in floating bulls.

Well, let’s not forget that this was still a race after all. From what we gathered from the ground, the organisers did a pretty decent job in peak-hour traffic within the Central Business District.

The main cohort breaks away

The main cohort breaks away

"It’s good. It wasn’t too crowded you know. You probably know a lot of races here are really really crowded with so many people but it was nice. Nice course you know. Traffic-free and yes, it was good." comments Tony Seakins, a 58-year old Aviation Underwriter with Chartis Insurance.

Cecilia Pek, a 28-year old Compliance Officer with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, shared a similar sentiment but on a slightly different note when asked whether she enjoyed the race "Yes. Very refreshing. It’s very encouraging and entertaining at the front. There was quite a lot of entertainment so I found it quite nice. I run on my own. This is my first time in a 5km race but I found this experience quite good so I might go and join other marathons."

Runners posing with The Bull Charge mascot

Runners posing with The Bull Charge mascot

Nice to know The Bull Charge played an influencing role in encouraging "green" runners to pursue the sport further. RunSociety congratulates the following winners in the respective categories:



  1. Alex Hungate (HSBC) - 18min 05sec
  2. Robert Campion (Bank of America Merrill Lynch) - 19min 56sec
  3. Magnus Bocker (SGX) - 20min 12sec


  1. Marcus Ong (Individual) - 15min 53sec
  2. Stuart Hagnes (Morgan Stanley) - 16min 32sec
  3. Sam Fletcher (Bank of America Merrill Lynch) - 16min 40sec


  1. Vivian Tang (CIMB) - 18min 13sec
  2. Lynly Tan (Individual) - 20min 49sec
  3. Lisa Kilday (Individual) - 20min 59sec


  1. Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  2. DR WHO
  3. SGX


  1. Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  2. Bursa Malaysia
  3. Li-Ning
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