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The Color Run 2014 Added Delightful Shades of Fun to Sentosa!

by On Sep 2, 2014
The Color Run 2014 Added Delightful Shades of Fun to Sentosa!

18,000 runners gathered over 2 days on 30 & 31 August for a single purpose: to run the happiest & most colourful 5km of their lives. The second edition of The Color Run Singapore by CIMB Bank is here!

What else could be more awesome than running a 5km route with non-stop coloured powder action going on?

Colour Me for Some Fun!

In The Color Run, only the 5km distance was available, but so many exciting things took place over this distance. It was scorching hot in the sunny island of Sentosa, but that did not deter the vitality of the participants one bit!

The Color Run 2014 Added Delightful Shades of Fun to Sentosa!

The event village, which was located at Sentosa's Beach station, started at 12 noon. There were various booths open to the public, including New Balance, Original Source, Happy Plugs selling merchandise.

As the clock approached race start time at 4pm, crowds started to gather near the start line, eager to hop on the first wave of splashy powder fun. Energy pumping music was playing all over the place, certainly hyping up the festive spirit! There was a minor bottleneck at the entrance to the start line, but there were no issues after that.

Let the Powder Game Begin!

As the initial wave started to move off at 4pm sharp, the Colour Run staff started splashing the crowds with coloured powder all over! The race was off to a really good start, with the DJ mixing live music near the starting line, and colours pouring everywhere.

The Color Run 2014 Added Delightful Shades of Fun to Sentosa!

Barricades were set up to guide runners along the route, so it was a breeze navigating through the whole run. Along the route, there were enthusiastic volunteers exchanging high fives and cheering on the runners, raising the runners' mood to an even happier level.

Color Zones were spread across each kilometre checkpoint, where a different colour was thrown at the runners. Volunteers went nuts pouring and spreading The Color Run love to everyone else, and we all ended up looking like a spectacular kaleidoscopic spectrum of colour!

I saw the water point around the 2.5km mark, which was perfect because I was in need of hydration at this point. Even though this was a short 5km run, the coloured powder (thankfully non-toxic!) tended to go into runners' mouths, making the throat drier than usual. Therefore I felt that it would be better to have 1 or 2 more water points throughout the run.

Post-Run Party Filled with Games, Music and Colours!

Upon crossing the finishing line, the runners found themselves back at the event village, where they were able to get packets of coloured powder to play around with. The whole area was a little unorganised though, as people can be seen from all directions approaching the staffs for colour powders. A better idea would be to set up a proper booth with queues so it would be less chaotic.

When I approached a fellow Color Runner, he also commented on the lack of snacks,

"It would be great if they provided some kind of snacks after the run! Banana, biscuits, or even ice cream sounds good!"

Personally, I felt that the main stage played the biggest part in the whole event village. The heart-pumping house tracks and catchy pop songs really contributed to the colourful mood of the runners!

The Color Run 2014 Added Delightful Shades of Fun to Sentosa!

One of the more interesting things I found was the New Balance booth. Runners were able to play games there and win interesting prizes, as well as instantly print their photos from Instagram. Pretty neat!

In a nutshell, this run is a really unique and fun-filled experience that I wouldn't mind going again and again, even if it meant for me to clean my stained shirt and shorts over and over!

Event Overview

  • 1 hydration point for the run is insufficient.
  • Simple and clear-cut guide on the route.
  • Enthusiastic volunteers along the route.
  • Apart from an initial bottleneck at the area before flagging off, the race went smoothly.
  • The living mixing by the DJ and various fun activities at the race village were able to keep the runners occupied for the post-run fun.
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