On Saturday night, 23 September 2017, over 9,000 runners gathered at Palawan Green, Sentosa for The Colour Run Night 2017. It holds the title of ‘the happiest 5k’, and features an explosion of colours, and promotes 3 values of Healthiness, Happiness and Individuality.


The event was held at Palawan Green @ Sentosa, which is easily accessible by public transport. Color Runners get complimentary entry into Sentosa’s Monorail they show their race bibs.

When we arrived at Palawan Green, the atmosphere was bustling with energy and excitement. There were groups big and small all standing around the area, they were taking photos, chit-chatting, and some were also busy putting on the temporary glow in the dark tattoos provided in the race pack.

The first flag off was at 7.15pm, and when we got to Palawan Green, we were all busy taking pictures and looking around the area, and finally made our way to the flag off area after 15 minutes.

There was crowd everywhere, while we were waiting to be flagged off, there was a group of emcees hyping up the atmosphere, and throwing freebies like packs of coloured powder, visors, etc. We waited for about 20 minutes until we managed to get to the front of the line and was flagged off.

5km Color Run

The run started from Palawan Green, and went around various parts of Sentosa like the Merlion statue, Imbiah, and there was even a point in time we were just running uphill in darkness as it was a walking trail and there was no proper lighting system. The only source of lighting came from the orange caution lights that the Color Run organiser has put up, but it was not adequate to see the path in front of us. We just trusted it would be a smooth path to run.

We alternated between walking, running and of course non-stop snapping of photos. There were four colour zones in total, and each time we ran past each color zone we were powdered excessively in different neon coloured powders like green, orange, pink and white.

These colour powders were all glow in the dark, and when we went into the UV colour light zone, our shirts and faces doused in powders were glowing in the dark.

This year’s Colour Run Night also featured an illuminating foam zone, and everyone was busy snapping away to get that perfect Instagram photo. Along the route, runners were all energetic and bustling with energy. As we ran past the runners opposite us, they all stretched out their hands to give us a high 5. This was heartening to see as strangers were all coming together having fun.

At the 2.5KM mark, there was a hydration station where volunteers were giving out cups of 100 Plus or plain drinking water. It was definitely refreshing to gulp down cups of cool 100 Plus after walking/running 2.5KM!

Most of the participants were large groups of young adults, and we also saw families with young children enjoying themselves. It was nice to see parents bringing their children to lead active lifestyles since young.

And of course, the fun continued even after we passed the finish line!

There were entertainment and activities at the Festival Village and of course, the after party that everyone looked forward to.

After all the fun, the party ended at around 10:30pm, and the participants either headed to the monorail or took free shuttle buses to VivoCity. The management very kindly provided the color runners with ponchos as well as wet wipes to make sure we do not dirty the area.

All in all, it was a great event to have fun with your loved ones and getting powdered all over with neon colours! I personally think that this would be a great run to start off the little ones show them that you can have fun even when being active.

Event Overview

  • I thought the glow in the dark touch was pretty neat. Having glow in the dark tattoos, as well the neon coloured powders upped the coolness factor!
  • With this being the 5th edition of the Color Run, the route was, of course, planned smoothly without hiccups, and not forgetting the attentive road marshals along the way
  • The volunteers had high levels of energy, enthusiastically pouring neon coloured powders on runners that went past
  • The post-run party was entertaining, and kept the crowd wanting for more!
Raie Yew

Raie would do anything to get her hands on a fresh plate of salmon sashimi, while seeking a balance in maintaining an active lifestyle. Also a lover of nature and trails, she’s always on the lookout for rejuvenating yet invigorating hiking trails.

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