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Tom and Jerry Fun Run Singapore Aftermath: A Great Family Affair

by On Aug 27, 2015
Tom and Jerry Fun Run Singapore Aftermath: A Great Family Affair

Unlike most other runs I have taken part in, the Tom and Jerry run was an excellent family bonding experience. In this fast-paced society where we often neglect family time over work, school, or other life commitments, I found it refreshing to see so many family members of different ages come together on a Sunday morning to enjoy some time together exercising under the sun without any unwanted distractions – it was especially heart-warming to witness children around 4 or 5 running alongside their parents and I was happy to be part of it.

A Pleasant Experience

The water stations were strategically placed at reasonable distances apart for the benefit of the younger participants, which we really appreciated. The 5km route was a rather pleasant experience as it took us on a journey around the park and brought us closer to nature than usual, with its pleasing sights and naturalistic atmosphere.

My favourite part of the event was that there were instructors leading the crowd through a warm up routine, which helped hype up the atmosphere and got the participants ready for the actual run, with a flag off by a matching yellow Ferrari and Tom.

Tom and Jerry Fun Run Singapore Aftermath: A Great Family Affair

Crowd warm up lead by instructors

Another good point to note was the breakfast at the end of the run, which motivated most of the runners to complete the run in the shortest time possible. There were enthusiastic volunteers stationed throughout the route to encourage runners, and to ensure that safety was kept in place.

Food for Thought

However, I think there could also have been more thought put into the devising of the route, since there were quite a lot of uneven pavements which gave rise to the potential for unnecessary injuries. Additionally, it would have been nice to have the route closed up for the participants instead of having the public enter the area at certain points. It would also have been a more enjoyable experience if there were more activities – such as games catering to participants of all ages – planned for after the run instead of having just food and lucky draw prizes.

Tom and Jerry Fun Run Singapore Aftermath: A Great Family Affair

Congratulations to us for completing the race

In Summary

All in all, the Tom and Jerry run was an enjoyable experience for all ages. Although it was simple, the entire event was very well thought out and it was a very good way to spend our Sunday morning, especially with the kids. I'll definitely be looking forward to such races in future, and hopefully my favourite cartoon characters (Powerpuff Girls) will be coming soon.

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