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U Run 2013: Rise To The Occasion

by On Feb 25, 2013
U Run 2013: Rise To The Occasion

Running alone can no longer satisfy the hunger of Singaporeans. The mileage can increase, the routes can change, and even the race pack can improve but Singaporeans now desire a greater challenge. More and more races are adding a twist; last Sunday morning, U Run burnt the quads of the runners by giving them a 30-storey challenge.

U Run 2013: Rise To The Occasion

On Sunday morning, more than 7,000 runners took to the roads at U Run 2013. Running through renowned Singapore landmarks like Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay and Waterfront Promenade, the race route culminated at the top of NTUC Centre for some 3,000 runners. These 3,000 runners accepted the challenge to climb the 30-storeys to the top of One Marina Boulevard after respective 10km or 15km routes and were rewarded with the breathtaking view. The skyline of Singapore’s financial district was laid out before their eyes.

Besides the picturesque scenery, the fastest runners won prizes and bragging rights as the champions of the inaugural OMB Challenge-15. Men’s Open winner, Jagat Bahadur Magar clocked a timing of 59 minutes 27seconds while Women’s Open winner, Regina Cherotich Nguria finished with a time of 1 hour 8 minutes 56 seconds.

U Run 2013: Rise To The Occasion

The title for Union OMB Challenge-15 Men’s went to Goh Lean Seng (Singapore Industrial & Services Employees’ Union) and Women’s went to Genevieve Lee (DBS Staff Union).

Special mention goes to Mok Ying Rong, who is participating in U Run for the first time, and came in second in the OMB Challenge-15 (Women’s Open). She was delighted with her result and said she gave her best and pushed her limits. She finished with an excellent timing of 1h 10 minutes 15 seconds.

The success of U Run is a testament of U Sports’ success in promoting sports participation and spectatorship in Singapore. This year, U Run attracted 30% more participants. Registration for this Run+Climb event was fully subscribed in both the 10km and 15km challenges.

The event is part of U Sports’ efforts to empower members and Singaporeans towards an active and healthy lifestyle so that we would enjoy a healthier and more productive workforce.

Ms Lim Kay Min, Assistant Director, Community Engagement & Membership, NTUC Club, said, “As a nation of skyscrapers and high-rise residences, stairs climbing is actually something which can easily be done by anyone.”

She also said that the vision of U Sports is to motivate the workforce and make it easier for them to lead an active lifestyle. She sees that U Sports’ efforts go beyond a single day event.

U Run 2013, is part of U Games 12/13, a multi-sport competition for the Labour Movement, to promote sportsmanship among the affiliate unions and to foster camaraderie among members. U Sports also host a variety of sports events, clinics and competitions. These are all part of the approach to forge stronger community spirit and bonds through sports.

U Run 2013: Rise To The Occasion

There is a saying that goes, “you never rise to the occasion but you fall back onto practice.”

Without any doubt, all the runners must have trained hard for the race in order to achieve such wonderful results on Sunday. Well, you could say that they fell back on their practice so that they could rise to the occasion.

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