What’s keeping you from signing up for this fun event? Is it fear? Lack of self-confidence? However, your chance to shine is about to arrive. Participate in the Under Armour All Out Mile from 1 June to 5 June and this could change the way you look at yourself.

You’ll get plenty of training help from Under Armour athletes and coaches via a 30-day training period staged between 1 to 31 May. Under their tutelage, expect to be empowered and gratified. Will your goal be your fastest mile or another landmark distance that is meaningful only to you? It’s your race. Do yourself proud.

It’s time for Singapore to shine, too

A year ago, the Under Armour All Out Mile was first staged in the U.S. and both the brand and the event took on a life of its own as virtual participation sprung up in 14 countries.

Regional participation doubled in the past year in both virtual and live formats, thus it stands to reason that Singapore would be part of the international spotlight given the amount of enthusiasm our runners have always shown.

In addition to taking advantage of the offer by Under Armour to provide fabulous talent in the form of athletes and coaches to help you get your game on, you’ve already auditioned for this race when you were a kid, so no excuses that you’re a newbie.

Remember your mandated primary school physical fitness test? All Out Mile gives you the opportunity to test your mettle again, so nothing should keep you back, fence sitters!

Given the fact that registration is already underway…

…you won’t want to delay your registration another minute. Do it alone. Enlist mates to join you. Follow these steps and start conditioning right now:

  • Visit the UA All Out Mile website. The “join now” icon can’t be missed.
  • Establish a UA MapMyRun account with FitRankings for automatic result uploads using this link.
  • Follow site prompts to the “Train Like a Champ” page and checkout workouts that best suit your style.
  • Keep this in mind: Training plans are only available to you between 1 and 31 May.
  • Get busy logging distances during the competition window (June 1 – 5).
  • Stick to the rules: Only runs recorded by the app will be counted as submissions, so apply due diligence.

5 great reasons to say yes to the 2022 All Out Mile

  1. You need a valid excuse to indulge in a new pair of running shoes and given Under Armour’s newest collection of stylish, ergonomically designed kicks, you won’t have a selection problem.
  2. You control your race. Amass your distances outside if you feel comfortable, or hit the gym. Pick the place you feel safest.
  3. Celebrate the fact that you came through the COVID pandemic in good health. The All-Out Mile offers you an opportunity to thank your body for taking care of you.
  4. Use the Under Armour All Out Mile as a reason to reunite with running friends you haven’t been in touch with in ages or simply to get your stride and vibe back.
  5. Results will be out on 10 June so you don’t have to wonder how you fared!

Great prizes to be won

There’s no shame in saying that aloud; in fact, prizes may be a prime motivator in your decision to start or relaunch your running commitment and rediscover your passion. These prizes are worthy rewards for your unique Under Armour All Out Mile effort:

  • Team competition: Recruit an All Out Mile team and if you enlist the greatest number of runners, you could be the recipient of a USD10,000 donation given in your team’s name to the sports charity of your choice.
  • Fastest individuals. The top three male and female milers from the region will receive cash prizes in addition to USD250 worth of UA gear: First place (USD1000); Second place (USD500) and Third place (USD200).

Ready to rev up your body to remind it of the glory, guts, and gratification you revelled in each time you competed? The race is here. The time is now. When can we expect to see your name added to the list of Singapore competitors ready to run the All Out Mile?

The RunSociety Team

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