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Waterway Passion Active Run 2012: Sunday Communal Fun!

by On Jun 11, 2012
Waterway Passion Active Run 2012: Sunday Communal Fun!

Tucked away in the tranquility of Punggol estate, the event, like its participants, was light and charming. Catchy pop music energized this breezy Sunday morning as runners prepared to compete in the 10km open category. Though this was no “Sundown” or “StanChart”, there was no lack of camera flashes, as friends and family snapped furiously and exalted encouragement at their running model. At 07:30am, the air horn blared and the runners sped down the 3-lane wide road surging through a well-marked route set against the waterway, sprawling construction and a beautiful sky of white and blue.

Punggol Runners posing for the flashing cameras

Punggol Runners posing for the flashing cameras

Community was a core element of Waterway Passion Active Run 2012. This inaugural event was put organised by Pasir Ris Punggol GRC & Punggol East SMC (Single Member Constituency), aided by passionate volunteers from “Punggol Runners” and other volunteers from various organisations. It was staged with clockwork precision and ample capacity. Abundant portable toilets and clear instructions afforded this race no queues and plenty of smiles!

In mere minutes, 33 minutes 20 seconds to be precise, Kien Mau Lim shot down Punggol Drive to the finishing line. The main party of 10km runners followed in spurts, each dashing strongly to the end. It was so cozy organizers were spurring the finishing trackmen on using their first names!

Participants clad in neon green running along the scenic waterway

Participants clad in neon green running along the scenic waterway

The sun hung high as 5km “fun” runners, clad in neon green started trickling in by bus, train and foot, with the interchange and MRT just seconds away from the event grounds. The music echoed louder off the surrounding blocks rousing the attendees into a bustle. Parents, with their children, formed up at the start line chatting merrily about the race and its many wonders. Children were spirited and well rested with the fun run only starting at 08:45am.

A runner has taken it to the next level and run barefoot

A runner has taken it to the next level and run barefoot

“Parrrrrrrrrrh!” the air horn blasted. Beaming grandparents, toddlers riding on parents’ shoulders, competitive brothers and proud parents legged it down the track appreciating the scenic waterway and the kind A.M. wind. Everyone, including the six mildly autistic kids and their escorts, was having a ball!

Angeline Wong aged 27, an Army Specialist said

It has nice scenery. It was well organized in a heartland area. They deployed a lot of water point and medical point. I definitely enjoyed the run. I ran with some nice khakis. I will sign up for the next run.

Running in the 10km women’s open, she added

The water point should serve in cups instead of using bottles. If I'm a competitive runner, I only will take a sip and throw onto the floor. Even if I just run for fun, I also will not carry the bottle and run.

The organizers did a spectacular job and attracted great sponsors. The race was sharp and sweet unlike its long name. I wait with mounting anticipation for Waterway Passion *breathe* Active Run 2013!

Race Results


  1. Kien Mau Lim - 33min 20sec
  2. Dev Rai - 33min 40sec
  3. Gen Lin Foo - 33min 56sec


  1. Tony Seakins - 37min 13sec
  2. Ku Seow Wee - 38min 12sec
  3. Tan Hwee Chuan - 39min 58sec


  1. Vivian Tang - 38min 08sec
  2. Pauline Mulroy - 42min 32sec
  3. Sharon Wee Siew Kim - 44min 48sec


  1. Qi Hui - 37min 20sec
  2. Lyndsey Mountain - 42min 24sec
  3. Pamela Chua - 43m 00sec

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