66 Audio Sports Head Gear: The Future of Sound Technology?

by On Dec 8, 2016

After auditioning two 66 Audio devices, I quickly learned that this company is extremely focused on a very finite audience and in my book, that’s a good thing!

66 Audio Head Gear: The Future of Sound Technology?

There are plenty of reasons to pay attention to the number 66. It's the most iconic route in America, running southwest from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California since 1926 and covering 3,940 km. It's a point of reference in the biblical Nazarene Code that promises life after surviving 66 obstacles to escape the clutches of death, and in numerology circles, 66 represents femininity, domesticity, love and family.

What does the number 66 say to me? That the video I watched six times featuring athlete Phil Dalhausser is worth watching another 60 times because the dude is amazing and his 66 Audio endorsement impressed me enough to get me to review the brand's two biggest sellers: The Revolution and the BTS Sport.

The Dudes

Honestly, the athletes featured on the 66 Audio website are like catnip. Included are testimonials of volley baller Nick Lucena, runner David Verburg, rowers Alex Karwoski, Matthew Miller, Henrik Rummel and Seth Weil and wheelchair rugby star, Ernie Chun.

Can I identify with them all even though I'm just a runner? Of course. Our objectives mesh: Reaching goals, blocking unwanted noise, staying motivated via the right playlist and owning audio equipment that stands up to indoor and outdoor conditions.

The Brand

It didn't take long to learn that 66 Audio is fast becoming an audio leader based on a self-description that perfectly describes its marketing philosophy: “space where music and sports collide.”

Why is this marriage compelling? Because among the millions of international audiophiles, the unique needs of athletes like me transcend the ordinary.

We require an audio experience that does more than entertain, so given a more expanded role, I realized that I fit the description of people passionate about the integration of sports, audio and technology.

Besides, I have a soft spot in my heart for new kids on the block, so while this ear gear company isn't very old, it's feisty and determined: 66 Audio intends to become the consummate electronics brand for athletes.

66 Audio Head Gear: The Future of Sound Technology?

The Revolution

Need a noise-cancelling headset dubbed "simply irresistible" by engineers proud to put their names and creative juices into innovating the Revolution Bluetooth Wireless Headphone? This is it. I fast discovered the difference between headsets I wore until recently and this feather-light device.

Notable are the durable, lightweight materials used to craft the Revolution. The soft rubber finish is so comfy, I've finally been able to kiss goodbye annoying irritation and cherry red ears that haunted me when I wore a classic, heavy headset for too many hours.

What's the secret? A patented ear cup shape that manages to look trendy while staying put, so I put these to the test by wearing them to a daunting ultra and I was thrilled that they were still on my ears when I collected a finisher metal. There's more. The touch and go feature gives me ultimate control.

I just tap the onboard button to pause, play, skip, talk and tune when hooked up to my mobile. And guess what? The Revolution continued to keep me connected past the 25-feet that usually leads to a disconnect. This baby maintained my wireless range to 65 feet! Dare I say wow?

The BTS Sport

If a noise-cancelling headset doesn't do it for you because you're a wireless ear bud fan, the 66 Audio BTS Sport may find favour with your ears. I was already familiar with this device since it earned a 2015 "Men's Fitness magazine" award for best Bluetooth headphone.

The BTS Sport I tested is packed with features that include pitch-perfect, crystal-clear sound delivery, an enhanced Bluetooth wireless range that also extends to 65-feet and a battery I'm not ashamed to mention. To assess its range, I tried out the streaming music, videos and communication and was beyond pleased.

BTS Sport audio buds are so comfortable, I nearly jumped into a swimming pool wearing them stuffed into my ears. I've yet to try syncing two Bluetooth devices, but the 66 Audio folks say this is one of this device's most popular features. I felt like an orchestra conductor, moving back and forth effortlessly between calls and music with the touch of a finger.

In sum, I can focus on my workout (thanks to 66 Audio's Clear Voice Capture technology) rather than toggling between settings. By the way, the advanced rechargeable lithium polymer battery is ready to deliver 25 hours of audio.

66 Audio Head Gear: The Future of Sound Technology?

Runner's Boon

  • Both audio devices come from a manufacturer with a reputation for innovation and cutting-edge design.
  • The Revolution and BTS represent the lightest technology on the market.
  • Both are designed with input from athletes who require higher standards of noise cancellation and quality.
  • 66 Audio is a lean, creative and forward-thinking team eager to satisfy customers, so while I didn't have to do so, I'm sure the team is responsive should returns or quality control issues arise.

Runner's Bane

  • If you could care less about high-quality reception and clarity, why are you even reading this review?
  • At a price point of $169.90, the sophisticated Revolution headset may be way above your pay grade.
  • Not every retailer you frequent may stock the Revolution as it's fairly new to the audio market.
  • There's a wide gap in retail pricing for the BTS, so devote some time to comparison shopping before you buy.


Serious audiophiles could find themselves enamoured of either head gear, particularly the BTS with the affordable price tag and freedom from having to wear a headset. On the other hand, this company is all about revolutions borne of targeting the serious athlete who might not blink an eyelash at the Revolution's price tag to get blessed relief from outside noise when concentration, focus and diversion matter most.

I, for one, plan to keep an eye on 66 Audio in the future because I respect the fact that their marketing plan pinpoints purists; there's no denying whom this brand's advertising, marketing and promotional efforts are aimed at, and in a world of companies trying hard to find favour with a variety of consumers, this says a lot about 66 Audio and the terrific road it promises ahead—whether that road is Route 66 or anywhere else!

When you consider buying a product from a relatively new company, how important is the firm's marketing vision in your opinion?

The 66 Audio BTS Sport and the Revolution Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are available at the official store for US$59.99 and US$169.90 respectively.

Priscelia adores beautiful visuals and has a keen eye for detail. As a smart shopper and avid runner, she assists in the creative direction of RunSociety as well as occasionally conjuring thought provoking articles. Never shy to give constructive feedback, she also manages the product reviews section.

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