Before you start reading, I must make a confession: I can’t get enough wild colour combinations when I choose my running outfits! You read that right. I’m hot for bright pinks, vibrant blues, electric greens—you name it. So when I first glimpsed the Funkita Brick Braque singlet, in its signature splashes of colours, I fell in love! I grabbed one once I saw that it was available in my size (10) and then I caught sight of matching Brick Braque 3/4 tights. I need a slightly larger size, so I was over the moon to see that I could order these in size 12.

Adopting my new running outfit made me curious about the Australian company that stitched my cool duds, so I not only decided to review my outfit, but the company as well. I think you’ll be impressed by everything you read!

Not Your Average Brand

If all you want are garments to cover your body when you’re out running, you might not care about the label inside. But I do. I like knowing that my designs are undertaken by people who also run, adore colours and are fastidious about good fit, so reading about Funkita’s ethics and business model made me love their fashion even more because this company has a pedigree!

Funkita’s older brother, the Way Funky Company, innovated Funky Trunks in 2002 and Australian swimmers were so wild about the line, they insisted that Funky Trunks make uniforms for upcoming state, national and Olympic events! By the time Funkita was launched in 2004, women couldn’t wait to see what the new fashion label had in store for them.

Funkita’s Mission

Some companies are built on profit. Others are built on power. Funkita was launched with a trio of objectives: make some money, offer unique active wear fashion and devote a portion of profits to good works, so you’re not just wearing tights and a singlet if you buy this set; you’re wearing a symbol of charitable giving. One Funky World Foundation, a registered Australian charity, empowers the disabled and provides important community services, so every time a Funkita garment is sold, some of that money keeps on giving!

All About the Fashion

Pairing a Brick Braque singlet with fashion-forward ¾ tights to take my first run proved to be a traffic stopper. Passersby couldn’t help but take notice of the striking colours as I whizzed past them and a few stopped me in my tracks to ask about my outfit. I gave the Melbourne-based company credit for my look and even talked about their charitable giving before excusing myself to regain my pace, thinking all the while that I could be an unpaid Funkita sales representative because I’m so enthusiastic about the brand! If you want to get noticed at events and training runs, wear a size 6 to 16, and don’t want to spend a fortune, this Brick Braque match-up is a sure way to grab the limelight!

Not Just a Pretty Face

Funkita specifies only high-performance Italian fabrics for its collections of women’s active wear and the fabrication process is exacting. Nobody wants a seam to burst or a hem to unravel, so much care and attention goes into the sewing process as only flat-locked seams are used to construct Funkita garments.

Furthermore, body-conscious women are enamoured with the way the fabric is cut. For example, that bold Brick Braque strip running down the sides of the ¾ tights is both slimming and flattering. The two-way stretch properties are very forgiving on less-than-perfect silhouettes and the moisture-wicking properties of the textiles, plus airy mesh lining, are particularly welcome by women who compete at the highest levels. Dare I add this personal aside: What woman doesn’t love a back zip pocket?

Runner’s Boon

Here are what I liked about their outfits:

  • This singlet/tights combo is fashion forward and flattering. The small back pocket of the tights prove handy for me.
  • These separates wash like a dream, as long as one follows the label care instructions.
  • I intend to build a mini-wardrobe of Brick Braque separates to mix and match, depending upon my mood!
  • I love knowing that a portion of the money I spent on my outfit went to charity.

Runner’s Bane

It was hard to find people critical of this line and I have no complaints, but situations that are exceptions to the rule popped up during my inquiry.

  • One of my friends had serious fit problems and wasn’t happy that she had to buy a size larger.
  • I talked to another whose husband tossed her separates into the wash and the black faded a bit. Advice: Don’t let your hubby get his hands on your wash.
  • Because the singlet is a ‘slim fit’, the cut doesn’t flatter every woman’s body.
  • “I perspire a lot when I run and I didn’t find the moisture-wicking fabric properties adequate,” said another.

I was a bit starstruck to read that award-winning Australian Diamonds netballer Julie Corletto became a spokesperson for the Funkita Fit line. I mean, the woman’s a dynamo. Then I wondered: how much more credibility does a company like Funkita gain when a superstar serves as a brand ambassador? What’s your opinion? Are you more or less likely to buy active wear if someone you admire endorses it?

A Free $50 Voucher

Rather than just reading about them, why not have a try on Funkita activewear? RunSociety is giving out a $50 Funkita voucher, courtesy of Funkita. To participate, check out what’s available on Funkita’s official site and let us know in the comments here below which product interests you the most. You can be the lucky winner!

Priscelia Chin

Priscelia adores beautiful visuals and has a keen eye for detail. As a smart shopper and avid runner, she assists in the creative direction of RunSociety as well as occasionally conjuring thought provoking articles. Never shy to give constructive feedback, she also manages the product reviews section.

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