Got a Passion for Fashion and Fitness? Newline Separates Belong in Your Closet!

by On Aug 28, 2015
Got a Passion for Fashion and Fitness? Newline Separates Belong in Your Closet!

As a girl who's as fastidious about how I look as I am about my running shoes, I was interested in knowing more about Newline's tees, jackets and tights after a girlfriend told me the company story: A Special Forces dude parachuted to earth and realised that while his chute stayed dry, his clothes were perpetually wet! It's anybody's guess what secret mission the guy was on when he reached this epiphany, but it wound up as the foundation of Newline sports collections where parachute fabric is a design mainstay. Both my friend and I love men of mystery and hope to run into a few next time we wear our three Newline separates to go for a run!

Got a Passion for Fashion and Fitness? Newline Separates Belong in Your Closet!

What a Girl Wants!

According to Harper's Bazaar and other style authorities, stripes and checks are hot, as are earthy colours and intriguing patterns, so there's no doubt designers making creative decisions at Newline Products have devoured the latest fashion trends. Today's woman wants her athletic togs to fit well and look good because when a woman is confident and dresses fashionably, she's a winner in every sense of the word.

The Tee

Newline's Imotion Tee has your name written all over it if you like your workout separates to strike a fashion note. This body-cut shirt features printed details and it's made of soft stretch fabric. Flat seam construction offers a flattering silhouette and this Newline Imotion tee features the brand's signature "moisture transport management" textile that wicks sweat efficiently so you stay cool while active. Designed for summer wear, you can layer this tee during other seasons, and the size range is impressive: XS to 2XL. If your athletic wardrobe already includes orange, mint and aqua, this tee is a perfect match.

Got a Passion for Fashion and Fitness? Newline Separates Belong in Your Closet!

The Jacket

There's no shame in obsessing over a coordinated workout wardrobe—particularly when a core element is this cool jacket. Run at night or in bad weather if you like, because fibres used to construct this jacket are reflective, so folks will see you coming. The ventilation punch panels are designed to keep you as cool as you look. Wear this classic wind-breaker alone or with the matching tee in spring and autumn or use it as an extra layer when temperatures drop. These fabric patterns are cutting edge—pixels and checks—showcased by Harper's Bazaar. Sized with every woman in mind—XS to 2XL—choose earthy green or aqua if orange doesn't do it for you.

Got a Passion for Fashion and Fitness? Newline Separates Belong in Your Closet!

The Tights

Newline tights do what they're supposed to do: keep flabby bits contained when a girl wants to camouflage a few small imperfections! Fashionably knee-length and made with flat seam construction so leg lines stay sleek, they're comfortable, functional and the fabric is great at dealing with sweat if you're particularly assertive in the gym or on the trail. Newline calls their wicking weave "moisture transport management" but we call it "Thank you, Newline, for not making us sweat more"! Meant to be worn solo, these tights are also great under sweatpants so legs stay warm in lousy weather. Sized from XS to 2XL, these tights have an elastic waistband that's snug and forgiving for those of us who never dream of being Skinny Minnies!

Got a Passion for Fashion and Fitness? Newline Separates Belong in Your Closet!

Runner's Boon

  • It's great to be able to put together a coordinated three-piece ensemble from a manufacturer that's synonymous with style, wear and quality. These three pieces can be worn together or mixed and matched with your other workout separates so you perform as beautifully as you look.
  • These polyester separates are in and out of the washer and dryer so fast, you won't waste a minute of time or energy laundering them so you can get back to your life.
  • A quick survey of women trying on separates in this line resulted in plenty of compliments—especially from plus size athletes who have a hard time finding trendy athletic apparel that fits correctly.

Runner's Bane

  • Not every woman wears polyester. Some experience allergic reactions. Others have a distaste for synthetics because they make them sweat more. This is especially true for female athletes hooked on natural fibres like cotton.
  • Women who dislike the colour grey aren't overly thrilled by this dour colour palette, especially if they have warm skin tones and avoid the colour like the plague. Since the tights only come in one colour—they call it clay, you'll call it grey—this means they can't build an ensemble with the tights.
  • Price points could be prohibitive for women on tight budgets! Buy these from Newline, and you'll spend €45 on tights, €40 on the tee and €80 on the jacket. If spending €175 on yourself (that's almost S$260+) is no problem, you go girl! On the other hand, this could be a payment for something else.

Where to Buy

Find the basic three separates on the Newline website if you're a one-stop shopping maven. The corporate site takes all credit cards. If you are hard to fit and must try everything on, head for ZEN'YU Pacific Pte Ltd at 160 Paya Lebar Road #02-04 in Singapore.

Got a Passion for Fashion and Fitness? Newline Separates Belong in Your Closet!


Newline athletic clothing for women is a popular international brand, but it's not easy to find these separates online. If you are frugal and refuse to pay retail prices, this Imotion collection may not be destined for your closet. That stated, you won't encounter a more contemporary, beautifully constructed, ultra-cool, au courant, Euro-inspired collection, so if you pride yourself on wearing separates that don't look like every other design on the planet, why look elsewhere next time you shop?

Priscelia adores beautiful visuals and has a keen eye for detail. As a smart shopper and avid runner, she assists in the creative direction of RunSociety as well as occasionally conjuring thought provoking articles. Never shy to give constructive feedback, she also manages the product reviews section.

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