I Had to Stop a Stranger after Spotting her BTS Pro Wireless Headphones!

by On May 22, 2017

I don’t consider myself to be a rude person but when I spotted a runner wearing a BTS Pro headset, I couldn’t stop myself from blocking her way to ask about her head gear!

I Waylaid a Stranger after Spotting her BTS Pro Green and Orange Headset!

She was about to pass me on my favourite training trail — a woman wearing a bright green headset. Did I scare her when I popped in front on her (she was lost in her playlist)? I did. So I apologised. But I wasn't about to let her continue her run until she revealed who made that hot-looking gear. I wanted to know all about it.

I suspect that she answered me just to get rid of me, but I shopped the next day, on a full-scale hunt for the same BTS Pro Headset. I bought it, held on to my receipt in case it turned out to be a bad decision, changed my clothes and went for a run just hours later.

All I can say is, Wow! Sound quality proved as hot as those colours. Sadly, the runner who turned me on to this product now speeds up if she spots me coming. I think she's afraid I'll ask about her wrist tracker or shoes!

Beyond the green and orange

Given the fact that I was attracted to that colour mix when I first spotted this headset, I wasn't sure that the features and benefits promised would also be awesome, but I love being wrong.

This stylish, ergonomically-designed BTS Pro Wireless by 66 Audio offers top-quality engineering so I can stop complaining about the pricey headset I owned until this one literally happened my way.

I Waylaid a Stranger after Spotting her BTS Pro Green and Orange Headset!

I no longer have to worry about calls being dropped or transmission being unreliable, either. As long as my BTS Pro is within 100-feet of my phone, I can count on crystal clear clarity. I sweat like crazy (wait — I perspire like crazy since women don't sweat). But I swear, this product has a supernatural sweat-repelling coating.

I get more than 40 hours of music playback and having consistent Bluetooth-enabled communication capabilities allows me to push my limits as the unit's patented 3D antenna handles those incoming and outgoing signals like a pro.

The quality of my communications has gone up a notch because I don't miss a word of conversation. And while my preference is iOS all the way, whether your platform is Android, OSX, Windows or Linux, you're going to enjoy the same level of excellence I do if you trade in your old headset for this BTS Pro.

I Waylaid a Stranger after Spotting her BTS Pro Green and Orange Headset!

Runner's Boon

  • Fans of this headset call it "a beast" because it delivers a range of frequencies that's so wide, it stops audiophiles in their tracks. Forget distortion or peak saturation. The music sounds like it's being transmitted from the recording studio.
  • Download the free iOS app and the headset's Motion Control will direct the pitch so it reflects the music I'm playing or the software I'm using. Distortion? F'get about it. I love the “Find My Headphones” feature so much, I would marry it if I could!
  • No worries about wearing a headset that weighs more than a motorcycle helmet. It's lightweight yet extremely durable. I know this because I dropped it as I was fixing my ponytail, but the silicone material did its thing so wonderfully, you'd never know my BTS Pro headset hit the ground.
  • This product is new-generation small; it's nearly 50-percent smaller than previous iterations of BTS products.
  • Love high-speed charging? Me, too. The USB Type-C port hooks me up properly and the rechargeable lithium polymer battery is sublime.
  • Get up to 40 hours of continuous playback with 400 hours of standby time. When the headset runs out of juice, get a full charge in 90 minutes using that USB port to bring your headset back to life.

I Waylaid a Stranger after Spotting her BTS Pro Green and Orange Headset!

Runner's Bane

  • Some may not be a fan of the bright green or orange the BTS Pro comes in, although yet design is a selling point. Conservatives need not apply!
  • Although these are outrageously lightweight, sleek and sweat-resistant, the design of this headset means a segment of hard plastic is positioned behind the ear. Wear this gear for an extended amount of time and you could experience discomfort, pinched ears and/or red marks.
  • Not every BTS Pro purchaser finds clarity idyllic, so if you intend to hold important discussions on the fly via your headset, some owners recommend going directly to your phone so you don't miss hearing important information.
  • Infrequent complaints about battery life pepper even great reviews and have turned the occasional BTS Pro buyer into a returner!

I Waylaid a Stranger after Spotting her BTS Pro Green and Orange Headset!


I'm somewhat addicted to reading product reviews so when I dug in to research the BTS Pro (before I wrote the first word of this review), I had to work harder than usual to find complaints about this headset. Think of any superlative you've heard or uttered and it's probably been said about this product, because it was enormously popular from the get-go.

Some love the BTS Pro because they've been a brand fan and this unit puts every BTS headset produced by the company before now in the rear view mirror! Others are impressed by the weight and fit—but in the end, what drives the strongest opinions—in my opinion—is the quality of reception that's reflected in the clarity of sound.

Even people who complain about the BTS Pro do so in the most complimentary tone, verifying my positive experience. That stated, I know that stopping that girl on the trail was wrong of me, but I gotta thank her. The BTS Pro is a blast and if I hadn't encountered her, I suspect my own running experience would be diminished for any number of reasons.

How often do you see a product that interests you being worn by someone you don't know? Can you muster the courage to stop that person and ask about it? Often? Sometimes? Never?

The 66 Audio BTS Pro Bluetooth Wireless Sports Headphones are available at the official store for US$129.99. You can use RunSociety's special code: RUNSOCIETY15 to get 15% off.

Alica is a millennial and is currently working towards an MBA with an emphasis in running if there is even one. A coffee-drinker and world explorer who is always making fun of herself.

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