It’s Cool—Really Cool—to Wear adidas Climachill Athletic Shirts When Temperatures Skyrocket!

by On Aug 15, 2015
It's Cool—Really Cool—to Wear Adidas Climachill Athletic Shirts When Temperatures Skyrocket!

Close your eyes and picture yourself running in the Singapore heat. You can strip down, but there are only so many layers you can shed before the fashion or real police question your modesty. Sure, guys have it easier, because a six-pack won't ruffle feathers, but we women don't have that luxury—and not all of us are comfortable displaying our assets in crop tops and halters.

Thankfully, adidas has taken pity on the sweaters of the world by coming up with a clever idea that covers all bases: Men's and women's Climachill shirts. According to runners who tested them, this shirt can stop you from feeling like a chicken on a barbecue during the hottest months in Singapore. Got your attention? Want to know more?

A Little History

The adidas brand launched in 1900 when Adi Dassler used his mother's wash kitchen to launch his shoe business in a small German town. By 1924, his mission, giving athletes the best-engineered equipment on the planet, was cemented when he registered his "Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik" product line to protect it. Over time, famous and infamous athletes made history wearing Dassler's products, and with every innovation, the brand's international reputation grew. In 1967, adidas introduced the Franz Beckenbaur Tracksuit, entering the sports apparel market for the first time. Dassler died in 1978, but his spirit survives in the innovative brand extensions, divisions and ideas that keep adidas at the top of its game.

Chill Out, Men and Women

When adidas Singapore announced the introduction of Climachill apparel in April 2015, we heard lots of cheering throughout the land! Runners seeking relief from heat and humidity when Singapore's wet and humid season arrives, rejoiced. Some said adidas has done a public service by coming up with Climachill wardrobe separates! Athletes flocking to the Climachill line swear that these shirts and shorts perform during the sultriest days thanks to "intuitive body heat technology" that allows one to look hot but feel cool, no matter the temperature.

It's Cool—Really Cool—to Wear Adidas Climachill Athletic Shirts When Temperatures Skyrocket!

The Technology

Seamstresses didn't just sit down and stitch little fridges into the fabric, of course. Innovative scientists get the credit. They found that a runner's core temperature can increase by 3 degrees C, so the body has to hustle to get rid of that extra heat. One way to do that, concluded that folks responsible for coming up with Climachill fabric, is to alter the composition of materials used to weave athletic shirts. You can't see them, but tiny 3D aluminium cooling spheres plus SubZero flat yarns containing titanium are woven into Climachill textiles that are then employed to craft shirts and shorts that literally alter the body's reaction to increased temperatures.

Features and Benefits

Some athletes adore Climachill togs because they bring a sense immediate relief, even during a Singapore heatwave! Men's Climachill shirts fit all wardrobes; they come in black, white, grey, blue and red. Men wearing the black shirt say they don't suffer the usual “black makes me hotter” syndrome, and claim wearing the shirt helps them perform better at events, run longer and arrive at finish lines without feeling all washed out. Women's tops are available only in red and blue, but woman who like the technology enjoy being able to transcend weather for the first time when they run! Want to make an impression on others? Show the world you've got a handle on this wardrobe trend by showing up in a Climachill shirt next time you run.

Runner's Boon

  • You look cool, feel cool and stay cool, so heat-related incidents don't crop up when you train or compete.
  • Climachill shirts help you avoid debilitating conditions that can result in heat stroke and the emotional distress that results from too-high temperatures.
  • Climachill separates are available for both men and women, so neither sex is in a race to out-sweat the other!
  • Despite being a relative newcomer to the athletic garment scene, I feel they are affordable and can be purchased at both retail and online shops.

Runner's Bane

  • Due to the weave and the cut, this fit is exceptionally tight, so if a slim fit style isn't for you, you might require another way to cool off.
  • This textile is actually polyester, so if you refuse to wear poly, this could determine your buying decision.
  • The way this shirt clings to the skin may be uncomfortable for some. Even ordering one's normal size might not help.


Love technology? Have you promised your first-born to anyone who can help you run in the heat without collapsing? Are you all about trends? If your answer is yes, buy one in every colour at adidas sports performance stores or Royal Sporting House stores. On the other hand, if you dislike tight fits and polyester fabric, this could be a game-changer. Retail pricing for garments in the Climachill line run between S$55 (tanks) and S$59 (tees), but find sales everywhere, even on the adidas site, so you won't break a sweat when you shop!

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