In the interest of transparency, I confess that my nephews make fun of me when I use words like “cool” and “chill.” They roll their eyes and say, “That’s not cool, Aunt!” I always hug them and chalk up their comments to what my own mum called “the generation gap.”

That stated, I am going to use both words a lot as I review the adidas Climachill tank top, simply because this shirt has a serious mission: keeping bodies cool on the longest runs—especially for those of us who sweat like racehorses and love to run fast.

Am I chill and cool? I am when I wear this adidas tank in any of the awesome colors available in this collection!

What’s adidas Climachill?

It’s a unique weaving technique that delivers three main benefits to runners: aluminum cooling spheres woven into the cloth cools the warmest parts of the upper torso and the SubZero yarn also used to make this tank works to maximize surface contact while drawing heat away from the skin.

In concert, these fibers produce maximum breathability — especially for us heavy sweaters. If you’re still in the dark about how this works, keep in mind the long-term objective of this fabric weave: accelerated evaporation. Wear a Climachill shirt and that’s exactly what happens courtesy of those carbon-laced fibers that were once used exclusively for manufacturing sweat-resist socks.

adidas isn’t the only company to use this type of fabric, but the company does a fabulous job of pairing practicality with style!

adidas Climachill Features

The adidas Climachill tank offers every fashion touch I could ask for; rounded neck, racer back and those super-wonderful aluminum dots that divert heat that decides to invade my personal space away from my body so I can run additional miles without feeling and looking like a soggy rag.

The racer back suits my style and I like the slim fit because, after all, I work hard to stay toned, no matter what my nephews may say! Since this Climachill tank is composed of a 100-percent polyester double-knit, washing, drying and keeping its shape are just a few of the things I am most thankful of because I do a lot of laundry and I don’t want my running tops to be prima donnas and require me to hand wash them.

Runner’s Boon

  • Is it possible to own a tank that’s fitted at the bust yet only semi-fitted at the torso? It is if you choose this tank. The length is average so it works nicely with whatever bottoms you prefer, whether shorts or leggings.
  • You couldn’t ask for a better colour selection. You may have to go in search of the exact colour you seek, but there’s no better way to stock up your tops wardrobe than by having this many choices.
  • The perspiration wicking properties of the Climachill tank are near-legendary. It’s no exaggeration that this tank kept me cool, dry and looking trendy.
  • Singapore’s sultry weather practically requires me to have at least one of these tanks in my wardrobe. At least that’s my opinion and my excuse for getting two!
  • Despite the fact that this garment is constructed of different types of yarn to form this innovative cloth, you would never know it. The tank feels feather-light, comfortable and you’ll have to look hard to find the seams.

Runner’s Bane

  • If you’re on a budget, the retail price on the Climachill tank may turn you off, but if you take time to comparison shop, you could reconcile your desire for this top with your budget.
  • Not every runner can abide wearing polyester fabrics. If that describes you and your wardrobe consists only of running separates made of cotton and nylon, you’ll miss enjoying the benefits of this miracle fabric.
  • While the fit was just right for me, I’ve heard complaints that the shirt is too snug around the stomach area. I get it. Lots of women are “tummy conscious” and hate anything that calls attention to what they call their worst feature.
  • If having a pocket on your running shirt is a deal-breaker, this isn’t your tank. That said, if you make sure there are pockets in your shorts, this becomes a moot point.
  • Save your money if you happen to be one of those rare creatures who don’t sweat! Why invest in this proprietary technology when a simple tank made without those wicking fibers will likely cost less?

Be Cool, Stay Cooler

If you ask my nephews, they will tell you that I’ve been on a quest not unlike the one undertaken by those searching for the Holy Grail! I’ve been obsessed with finding a tank that deals with my propensity for sweating, so you could say that this Climachill tank delights my kids as much as it delights me.

I no longer spend hours searching, nor do I feel like a rag doll when I run. My nephews no longer have to listen to me whine about not finding the perfect top. They still don’t think I’m very cool, but I don’t care — just as long as I always feel that way when I run in my adidas tank!

The spring/summer Climachill range is available from S$55 to S$59 for Climachill tanks to tees at all adidas brand concept stores, adidas online store and from selected retailers.

Do you have hot-weather running tips that you’d like to share with readers who never get enough information on this subject?

Priscelia Chin

Priscelia adores beautiful visuals and has a keen eye for detail. As a smart shopper and avid runner, she assists in the creative direction of RunSociety as well as occasionally conjuring thought provoking articles. Never shy to give constructive feedback, she also manages the product reviews section.

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