Reebok ActivChill Tee: The Sworn Enemy of Sweat

by On Sep 10, 2017

Friends call me the King of Sweat, so owning the right t-shirt is, for me, more than a fashion statement.

Reebok ActivChill Tee: The Sworn Enemy of Sweat

Do I admit to being picky when it comes to choosing items I wear? I do. I found out why I'm wired that way after reading an old issue of "Psychology Today" magazine that discussed why guys pick the apparel they prefer. Apparently, I'm not the only dude on the planet unwilling to settle for less than what "feels right." Can my mood be altered by what I'm wearing? Big time. Especially when I run in the Singapore heat.

That article made me realise that I belong to a distinct group of men: We crave being impeccably dressed but we're also grounded enough to know that being trendy isn't worth moving back into mum's place or getting a second job to pay my wardrobe tabs. I like knowing that I feel secure in my choices—which is exactly how I felt when I wore my first Reebok ActivChill Tee. Fact is, owning one made me crave more.

Reebok ActivChill Tee: The Sworn Enemy of Sweat

Why I intend to get more Reebok ActivChill tees

When I stumble upon a garment that suits my lifestyle and it's also affordable, I'll admit to getting multiples. Here's what lead me to want to stock up:

  • This running tee is the epitome of "cool" in terms of looks and performance. Moisture control and perspiration wicking properties (thanks to Speedwick technology) have become a priority ever since I first heard about Reebok's ActivChill garments. This innovative jersey weave has turned my world into a more comfortable place—no matter how high the thermometer climbs.
  • Love the silhouette! If I'm going to go out of my way to work out, I want the results to show and the cut of this tee advertises my devotion to keeping my body healthy. The jersey is a combination of nylon (84-percent) and Elastane (16-percent). The textile is amazingly soft and comfortable and the tee weighs next to nothing.
  • Have I been influenced by reviews I read about this ActivChill t-shirt? Not this time! The shirt's so new to the market, I have the pleasure of being one of the first to comment on my experience. I suppose you could say that acquiring half a dozen of these Reebok tees says everything there is to know about my personal experience.

Reebok ActivChill Tee: The Sworn Enemy of Sweat

Runner's Boon

  • Do you love a slim tee that moves with you when you run and work out? I do. No flapping shirt tails for me, thanks very much.
  • I can take to the streets after dark if the urge strikes because my ActivChill tees feature 360-degree reflectivity. You might say that my new wardrobe picks have the potential to save my life!
  • I'm easily annoyed by shirts with pronounced seams (who enjoys chafing?); especially around a shirt's arm openings. This shirt's flat-lock stitching is so discreet, you may need Sherlock Holmes to locate those seams.
  • Can a shirt be made that's perfectly attuned to Singapore's extreme heat and humidity? I say yes; shout out to Reebok—for keeping me chill.

Runner's Bane

  • If you hate t-shirts that show off every ripple or roll of fat, take a pass on the ActivChill tee so you don't run around feeling self-conscious about your body. On the other hand, buy one, hang it in a prominent place and use it as incentive to trim down.
  • If you're hard to fit, pick the right size the first time—especially if you went to the trouble of purchasing this tee online.
  • Since these are new to the market, you could have trouble finding them. That stated, don't give up! This is one wardrobe necessity no sweaty Singapore runner should take a pass on for myriad reasons.

Reebok ActivChill Tee: The Sworn Enemy of Sweat

When you find a running garment you love, how often do you buy multiples because you know the item has the potential to become a go-to favourite you'll wear repeatedly?

The latest ACTIVCHILL range is available now at prices starting from S$39 and above at all Reebok mono-brand stores and through Royal Sporting House stores island-wide such as Velocity @ Novena Square, Suntec City, VivoCity and Great World City.

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