Feeling fed up running with wires? Or annoyed with the earphones that keep coming off as you run? Well, you are not the only one because I feel the same too. Running with wires dangling in front of you is definitely distracting and what I did to solve that problem was to wrap then wires around my phone so that it becomes less distracting.

Though wrapping the wires around my phone solved one of the problems, but another problem has arisen. Another problem would be having to gauge the wires – how many times you should wrap the wires around, how long should it be for you to run comfortably and etc.

Now with Rowkin’s Surge Charge, my runnings are now done more comfortably and one thing for sure, I don’t need to do anymore wrapping of wires around my phone.

Wow at first sight

Ever fell in love with something at first sight? I’m sure you have. Well, out of all my “love at first sight”, Rowkin’s Surge Charge is on my top few lists. The moment I received Surge Charge, I wasn’t really excited about it because the outer packaging looks just like all the other normal packaging out there. When I took out the inner box from the packaging, I was impressed a little because it looked sleek.

I took a while to figure out how to open up the box (because I thought it had to be opened like a mailer box, how silly) and when I finally figured out how to open it, I literally just went ‘wah’ without even realising it myself.

From what I’ve seen, I rarely see packagings that open up like a book and what’s even cooler is that there is a magnet to ensure that the things in the box don’t come out. It’s great that they are using magnets and not ribbons or straps because I feel that it’s time-consuming and it also wears off easily.

Other than the box that amazes me, there’s another thing that excites me which is the portable charging case. Isn’t that great? With the portable charging case, it is so convenient in any case the earphones go flat after using it for more than 5 hours plus it also acts like a casing to securely keep the earphones when not in use. Though it looks bulky, it doesn’t affect the feelings I had for Surge Charge. As long as it is convenient to use and able to do just like what its supposed to do, then I’m all up for it!

Let’s get it going

Maybe I’m not that tech-savvy but it took me awhile to get the left side of the earbud to connect together with the right earbud, it took me about 5 minutes to finally get it connected. Another problem that I encounter is wearing the earbuds. Is it just me or everyone knows how to wear the earbuds? Because they don’t tell me how to use it and I had to analyze the person on the packaging wearing the earbuds to know how to use them.

But what’s amazing about the earbuds is that it fits securely on my ears and even when I’m doing vigorous workouts, it doesn’t budge. I love the feeling that it’s there on my ears but I can’t really feel it anymore because it’s sitting comfortably on my ears.

All runners have different ear sizes and with that, Rowkin provides 3 different silicone ear tips sizes (S, M, and L) to ensure that it fits in everyone’s ears.

What I love most about Rowkin Surge Charge is their sound quality. I really loved it because even when I set the volume at half, I could still hear my music loud enough and it was surprisingly clear. It’s great, isn’t it? Low volume, crystal clear sound and your eardrums are thus well taken care of.

Runner’s boon

  • Loud and crystal clear sound when music is played.
  • When worn correctly, Surge Charge fits securely and doesn’t fall out.
  • Able to change the ear tips so that it can fit securely in your ears.
  • Up to 5 hours of talk/play time and up to 25 hours total with the portable charging case.
  • With the portable charging case, the earbuds will be kept safely and it’s so convenient.

Runner’s bane

  • Surge Charge looks bulky, making it look big on my ears. I wish it was smaller (my own personal preference though).
  • There’s no instruction manual in the box
  • There’s only one type of ear tip which is the silicone kind. Preferred if they would provide other type of ear tips.
  • I took awhile to connect the left earbud with the right earbud but that’s maybe because I’m not tech-savvy.
  • No instructions on how to wear the earbuds thus I had to refer to the packaging image.

Rowkin Surge Charge is available on its official website, at US$119.99.

Lee Nah

Lee Nah is a sports enthusiast who enjoys playing different kind of sports like floorball, hockey and even soccer! She personally believes in life long learning and self-development.

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