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Singapore Runners: Why You Live in the Smartest Nation on the Planet!

Why Singapore Runners Live in the Smartest Nation on the Planet

You’re smart. Your parents are smart. Even your dog and cat are smart — but can a nation be smart? It can if the country to which you refer is Singapore. We are never shy about admitting that everything new and improved is a shining example of our urban planning efforts, so you couldn’t find a more advanced society in which to live than ours. But perhaps you wonder how Singapore’s mission to become the world’s first smart nation impacts runners.

New Green Corridor Brings “Lines of Life” to All Singaporeans

Making Singapore’s Green Corridor Greener with “Lines of Life”

As a Singaporean runner, you already know how assertive the government has been about maintaining, creating and nurturing green space, but what you might not know is that the most spectacular long-range project any country has tackled in recent memory is beginning to take shape: the rejuvenation of an area that once hosted the nation’s busiest rail line.