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Do You Hate Race Entry Pack Collection?

Do You Hate Race Entry Pack Collection?

It’s become the brunt of too many jokes: Race pack collection day, Singapore style. If you can get to the venue where entitlements are handed out before the big day,…

What You Might Not Be Aware Of From Marathons and Races Organisers

14 Things Marathon and Race Event Organisers Wish You Didn’t Know

Most of us encounter problems daily that could have been avoided had we be more vigilant or someone informed us of rules, regulations and parameters of activities we undertake at work, school and home. But from time to time, data we need to make informed decisions isn’t offered or when such information is withheld, it could mean the difference, for example, between registering for a running event and taking a pass. In your own self-interest, it behooves you to be your own inquisitor every time you sign up for a race, because organisers may not tell you everything you need to know.