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From Couch To 5 km? Here's How To Train Like A Spartan!

From Couch To 5 km? Here’s How To Train Like A Spartan!

The Spartan Race Singapore may just be over this year, but we can still train like a Spartan to prepare ourselves for the next obstacle race. With a month into…

Spartan Sprint 2017 Race Review

Spartan Sprint 2017 Race Review: World’s Best Obstacle Race

There are three main types of Spartan Race, namely the Sprint, Super, and Beast. The Sprint, which is the shortest course of 5+km with 20+ obstacles, is recommended for beginners….

Reebok Spartan Race 2017

There’s Something for Everyone at the Spartan Race 2017!

When the Spartan Race debuted in Singapore back in 2015, our running community couldn’t wait to jump in because it precisely targeted the ambitions and goals of competitors who never…