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Tall Runner vs Short Runner, Who Run Faster and Live Better?

Tall Runners vs Short Runners: Who Runs Faster and Lives Better?

Is it true what they say about tall people being smarter? Do we live longer? Importantly, do we run faster than short folks? The answers aren’t as simple as yes…

Will Running Kill You Eventually or Save Your Life?

Will Running Kill You Eventually or Save Your Life?

In the running world, we always think of running as an unequivocally good thing. After all, it is good exercise, so it cannot be harmful, right? Not quite true. There is new medical evidence to suggest that it might be harmful to do too much running. Overworking the heart and arteries could lead to a shorter lifespan than if you hadn’t run at all.

Runner's High Explained: How High Can You Get?

Runner’s High Explained: Fact or Fiction?

Running can give some runners a kind of euphoria and a reduced sensitivity to pain. In some cases, it can even help them to forget about time. Some runners describe it as an intense, blissful and emotional experience similar to an orgasm. For some, it is peaceful while others feel a burst of energy. Still others have never experienced the phenomenon of a runner’s high.