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Yamuna: Her Logical Methods Can Change the Way A Runner Nurture His/Her Body

Yamuna Zake: Her Logical Methods Can Change the Way A Runner Nurtures His/Her Body

Anyone who thinks that fitness gurus are limited to youthful practitioners has not availed themselves to the wisdom of Yamuna Zake, one of the most visionary master teachers and healers on earth. She’s the embodiment of grace, intelligence and knowledge—particularly when it comes to understanding how the human body works. Yamuna’s philosophies are at the epicenter of an impressive brand. Her intuitive thinking and practices revolutionized the way her students understood their bodies after mastering her practices that are sweeping the globe. Yamuna calls her method “body sustainability”. Around 2,000 holistic practitioners and 450 certified instructors call her methods ingenious, practical and life-sustaining. You might feel the same way after you learn about this woman and her life-long journey.