10 New and Exciting Workout/Fitness Programs Runners Should Try

by On Oct 21, 2015
10 New and Exciting Workout/Fitness Programs Runners Should Try

Are you looking for something new, interesting, novel or unique in a workout program to complement your current running and conditioning program? Perhaps you're bored with everything you've seen and tried at studios, gyms and recreation centers and you would love to change things up by adopting a personal program that fills in the physical toning areas not currently addressed by your current routines.

We warn you that some of the following fitness program are so new (and a few are so unusual), they haven't had time to reach the Pacific Rim, but like all new ideas, your enthusiasm could be the catalyst for bringing a program to Singapore and launching a trend. In that case, the entire nation would have you to thank for introducing it!

1. Animal Flow Workout

Why is this useful to runners? Because it's a workout video program that travels with you no matter where you go! If you're on the marathon circuit, you don't need a facility, a machine or an instructor to keep up with this program based on a martial art that harkens back to 16th century Brazil. Your job? Slide the disk into your DVD player and mimic wild animal movements to tone your body and get ready it for your next marathon.

Availability in Singapore: The DVDs are available everywhere.

2. WaveShape

Why is it useful for runners? WaveShape can short-circuit boring gym exercises by substituting a high-intensity, 45-minute workout that gets you "bikini or board shorts ready." Count on looking sexy at your next marathon if you decide to adopt this program. An offshoot of swimwear brand Calavera, this fitness program enhances your core and hypes power and endurance, so if you need improvement, these routines could make a difference.

Availability in Singapore: Order from the website, to stay toned and fit.

3. bodyART

Why is it useful for runners? It's a clever new way to tone and condition your body to enhance your running routine based on therapeutic dance movement. Runners seeking a fun, effective, body conditioning method that showcases toning the body in a graceful, natural way might like these non-traditional exercises.

Availability in Singapore: Not yet; bodyART studios are located only in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Keep tabs on new locations down the road at its website.

4. Katami 4X4

Why is it useful for runners? The Katami 4x4 workout program is a high-energy bounty of DVDs that can fulfill a runner's need for a fitness regimen that requires no gym membership because you exercise at home. The DVDs are motivational, high energy and healthy eating tips are provided, too.

Availability in Singapore: Order the program online. On a budget? Pay for it in three installments.

5. BodyBlade

Why is it useful for runners? Grab the latest iteration of vibration and inertia training to hit the market since 1991. Stabilize your spine, enhance your physical wellbeing and adopt a personal training regimen that develops muscle while improving stamina to support your running activities.

Availability in Singapore: Visit the site to order this program.

6. Masala Bhangra

Why is it useful for runners? Get in shape for powerful marathon finishes using Bollywood dance routines to eliminate the boring aspects of fitness. Masala Bhangra urges runners to channel their masculine and feminine sides to dance to the beat of "the dhol" and have fun.

Availability in Singapore: Not now—but soon, hopefully! Get your in-person fix in Malaysia and monitor the website to see when Singapore is added!

7. Metafit Training

Why is it useful for runners? This dynamic workout burns fat like magic, and the fat continues burning long after one stops doing the high-intensity workout. Created by a former Royal Marine Commando, this studio class makes working out fun and helps build stamina and energy levels in runners.

Availability in Singapore: So far, the only Metafit clubs are located in and around the British Isles, but the movement is bound to hit Singapore eventually. Become a coach and hasten the process.

8. Orange Theory Fitness

Why is it useful for runners? You'll have to decide for yourself whether "the orange effect" can help or hinder your running program because it's a convoluted path. Exercise boosts the heart rate so you consume oxygen that puts you in the orange zone where your heart rate is perfect. Confused? Read more: http://www.orangetheoryfitness.com/About-the-Workout/Our-Philosophy.

Availability in Singapore: At present, all Orange Theory studios are located in the U.S. Keep tabs on the movement's website so you can buy the gear while you wait for it to land in Singapore.

9. Fierce Fitness

Why is it useful for runners? Think kickboxing on steroids for men and women. Fans say former cardio kickboxing classes are wimpy compared to Fierce Fitness. Join and get free hand wraps and boxing gloves to build upper body strength to help you run.

Availability in Singapore: Fierce Fitness is U.S.-based and has yet to cross the Pacific Ocean. Stay tuned.

10. Les Mills Asia

Why is it useful for runners? Mix and match high-intensity moves to tone any part of your body that needs work by signing up for group or individual classes. Scan the DVDs, to see how targetting specific muscle groups can mesh with your present running routine.

Availability in Singapore: You bet! Discover which is closest here.

Have You Tried Any Of The Fitness Programs Before?

Have you noticed that "innovation" seems to be the theme behind many contemporary fitness programs? From urban rowing to the emergence of multiple barre-based methods, new fitness programs are novel.

Do you need new types of workout programs to keep up your enthusiasm for non-run toning and health or are you just fine with your present cardio and upper body routines?

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