Get Running Tips and Training Techniques From Ultra Trail Champion Stone Tsang in Singapore

by On Jun 23, 2019

Hailed as one of the best trail runners in Asia, Stone is a two-time top 10 finisher of the Ultra Trail World Tour and the top Chinese finisher in the history of the Ultra Tour Monte Rosa (UTMR), taking 1st place in UTMR 2017.

Get Running Tips and Training Techniques From Ultra Trail Champion Stone Tsang in Singapore

This July, Hong Kong Tourism Board has invited Ultra Trail Champion Stone Tsang to Singapore to share some personal tips and training techniques to running enthusiasts.

Stone Tsang took part in his first marathon when he was 25-years old, entering with the intent to just have fun with his colleagues. With no prior training and experience, he finished the race with a disappointing record of 5 hours leading to severe muscle aches and cramps. That kick-started his race career and despite his late entrance into the sport, he turned to international competitive trail running in just a few short years.

Now the father of two devotes his time between his career, training, family as well as projects that give back to the sports and trails conservation.

Hong Kong is known for its many mountains and trails, suitable for all levels of sports enthusiasts, from leisure walkers to pro-athletes. Hong Kong Tourism Board has thus invited Stone Tsang as the best spokesperson to share with all running enthusiasts on how to train for competitions and his favourite training trails in Hong Kong.

During this limited session in Singapore, he will also share about his experience in the prestigious Hong Kong 4 Trails Ultra Challenge (HK4TUC), which challenges participants to cover 298km distance and 14.5km positive elevation in less than 60 hours.

Stone Tsang is one of the only six finishers to have ever completed the challenge, coming in with the second best record in the HK4TUC history to date.

This event is part of the ‘ActiveSG Running Series 2019’. Aside from the sharing from Stone Tsang, other experts and trainers will also be invited to give tips on training, conditioning, stretching, fuelling and recovery.

Event Details (by registration only):

Date: 6 July 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Venue: Sport Singapore Auditorium (Sportshub)
Registration Fee: S$10 (ActiveSG Members can pay using up to 100% of their ActiveSG Credits)


  • 0800 - Registration
  • 0815 - Mass ViPR PRO Workout by ActiveSG Trainers
  • 0900 - Trail Running in Hong Kong’s Great Outdoor by Stone Tsang: Training and Preparing for overseas competition
. Sharing of Great Outdoors and Sports Events in Hong Kong
  • 1000 - Fuelling Tips by SportSG Sports Science Institute
  • 1100 - Strength and Conditioning by Ms Liew Wei Yong, TLC
  • 1130 - Stick Mobility Masterclass by Dr Justin Lee
  • 1230 - Recovery Drills by ActiveSG Athletics Club
  • 1315 - Q&A
  • 1345 - Recovery Session by Dr Justin Lee: Tips to prevent running injuries for good- Change from inside-out
  • 1400 - End

You can sign up for the workshop here.

Featured Photo Credit: K K RUN

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