Ben hales from New Zealand but has strong ties to Singapore. His parents are both PR and his wife is Singaporean. Ben started running at the age of 6, began triathlon as a 10 year old and first represented his country at the age of 17. For several years in the 2000’s Ben represented New Zealand as a full time professional triathlete racing the ITU world cup circuit where his final professional race was the Olympic Trials in Beijing in 2008.

Ben is a charismatic guy whose endurance training advice has helped CEO’s, professional athletes and ordinary people achieve extraordinary things.

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How to Plan and Achieve your Running Goals?

How to Plan and Achieve your Running Goals?

We’ve entered 2013, yet most of us still train like it’s 1991. Very little thought is given to our goals, our training structure and to the way we structure our lives for success. I’m a big believer in planning as I see it as the roadmap to the achievement of my goals.