Chang Liang is the founder of Feet Care, a service that helps people with flat feet find products that fits them, and relieves their pain and soreness. He is flat-footed himself, and has spent a lot of time interviewing podiatrists and people with flat feet to understand the condition better. He knows how it feels when it hurts and the difficulty of finding footwear that fits. Feet Care is created to solve that problem for flat footers.

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How Does Running Affect Me If I Have Flat Feet?

How Does Running Affect Me If I Have Flat Feet in 2021?

“Flat feet” is actually a condition where the medial longitudinal arch of a person’s foot flattens or collapses. The outcome of that is a foot that looks flat when viewed from the side. As compared to a normal foot, a very low or no arch exists on a flat foot. This flattening of the arch leads to a host of problems including heel pain, bunions, ankle pain, knee pain and lower back pain.