Clancie is a runner who hates running and does not call herself a runner but “someone who runs”. She runs so she can balance her unhealthy diet (can’t live without daily chocolate intake) with a seemingly healthier lifestyle. Currently committed to Running Hour 3 times a week and has found more passion in running now than before. Give her a holler if you love eating and running as well.

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I Finally Did My First Overseas Half-Marathon. Here's How It Happened.

I Finally Did My First Overseas Half-Marathon. Here’s How It Happened.

I can still remember that “fateful” morning, – 29 September 2015, the day of my registration for the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2016. I was awake by 6.30am, sent my friend, ET, a text to ensure she was awake too and ready to get on her laptop to register for both of us. It was nerve-wracking, watching the clock tick, anxious to get myself a slot for the race (Half-Marathon) when the registration website opened at 7:00am. I have been dreaming of doing an overseas race and finally decided, after 4 long years, to stop procrastinating and JUST. DO. IT.