Ladies, How Much Support Can You Get During Running?

by On Jul 14, 2016

Nike's most personal bra collection to-date offers support for every body type and every sport.

Ladies, How Much Support Can You Get During Running?

Support is very important during sports like running, whether it's mental support by friends or external physical support by the apparel we wear. But for women, there is just another important form of support that they need, a good sports bra.

After more than two years of intense research, design and development and biomechanics testing, Nike has finally brought out a Pro Bra Collection which offers five distinct silhouettes for a personal fit that's designed to bolster performance, without compromising style.

Ladies, How Much Support Can You Get During Running?

Senior Design Director Jamie Lee has this to say,

“The right sports bra is essential for the athlete. Having the right or wrong fit can make or break performance. To get it right, we analyze every detail in comfort and fit to ensure all athletes are supported, for whatever the sport.”

Incorporating feedback from Nike elite athletes, the collection received updates designed to support the body better than ever before on the field, court, and beyond.

New Design details

Ladies, How Much Support Can You Get During Running?

The Nike Pro Indy has added ventilation in high sweat zones that helps keep athletes cool.

The Nike Pro Hyper Classic bra is now updated with flocking that provides additional support in specific areas where athletes need it most.

New design details that empower athletes to focus on their form, not their bras. Available in 29 sizes, the Nike Pro Rival bra, is now updated with an adjustable back clasp for a tailored fit that's easier than ever to get on and off.

When asked about their favorite Sports Bra and its importance. These athletes have this to say.

Make It Your Best Personal Support

You need not need to be a professional athlete to enjoy the support that your body deserves. After all, these kinds of support are personal. The updated Nike Pro Bra Collection is available on starting 11 July and in retail stores from 14 July.

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