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6 Helpful Foods to Burn Your Calories Fast

by On Jul 7, 2017

Eat to live, don't live to eat.

6 Helpful Foods to Burn Your Calories Fast

When you want to lose the extra pounds, you would automatically thought of going on a strict diet and religiously sticking to a rigid workout session. But did you know that you can eat your way to a healthy and leaner body?

That sounds crazy but there are foods that can help you burn calories which results to weight loss. If you want to achieve your body goal, have a steady supply of these foods in your kitchen.

Green Tea

Did you know that in the previous year, it was an estimated 80 billion servings of tea were consumed in America?

6 Helpful Foods to Burn Your Calories Fast

A lot of people have joined the ranks of green tea lovers who can’t live a day without a cup of green tea. Aside from the many benefits that green tea provides, one of the major reason why its popularity is rapidly increasing is its substantial role in weight loss.

Studies were conducted to prove that caffeine and flavonoids found in green tea can help increase fat oxidation, boost metabolism and even improve activity of insulin.


Eggs are not only an easy and convenient food to prepare for breakfast; it can also be a great aid in losing that excess bulge in your tummy.

6 Helpful Foods to Burn Your Calories Fast

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Why should you eat eggs to lose weight?

A study conducted in 2008 has found that obese participants who had 2 eggs at breakfast lost more weight and shed more inches off their waist. Eggs are packed with protein which makes you feel energized and full.

It’s a go to food that is not only easy to prepare to satisfy your grumbling stomach but also contains lower calories.

Chia Seeds

If you are a foodie, you must have heard chia seeds.

6 Helpful Foods to Burn Your Calories Fast

Don’t underestimate this food just because they are tiny. They are popular in health food circles for some reason. Not only are they nutritious yet affordable, they are also widely used in weight-loss diets.

Chia seeds contain about 10 grams of fiber per ounce of seeds. Eating a high-fiber diet helps you shed off the extra calories.

Hot Peppers

Another food that you should add to your favorite recipe to burn more calories is hot peppers.

6 Helpful Foods to Burn Your Calories Fast

A study conducted by the researchers of University of Los Angeles has found that hot peppers contain a compound called capsaicin. What does this compound do in weight loss?

It heats up the body which results to fat and calorie burning. This compound is responsible for the production of brown fat in the body. High percentage of fat in our body is white fat, and having an excess white fat can lead to weight gain and even obesity. Brown fat, on the other hand, works to regulate body temperature which can lead to calorie burning. Study found that after consuming hot peppers, their brown fat production has increased.

If you want to burn calories, add hot peppers to your food as it also boost metabolism.


Having lentils in your weight-loss diet can help you succeed in getting your dream body.

6 Helpful Foods to Burn Your Calories Fast

They contain high amount of fiber which makes you feel full for longer hours and improve satiety. They are also low in fat and calories so you can have as much as you want without having to go through a guilt-trip afterwards.

Instead of just boiling your lentils, add vegetable stock or low-sodium chicken to add more flavors.


Now here’s some good news to the coffee-addicts out there.

6 Helpful Foods to Burn Your Calories Fast

Coffee can help you shed off some pounds. It contains caffeine which helps you lose weight or even prevent weight gain. It’s also a delicious way of increasing your metabolism.

Now you don’t only have to limit yourself in exercise on a rowing machine for weight loss. Go to your nearest supermarket and get as much supply of these superfoods as you can.

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