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7 Powerful Running Snacks That You Should Not Ignore

by On Aug 17, 2019

Run. Snack. Sleep. Repeat.

7 Powerful Running Snacks That You Should Not Ignore

Running can be an intense physical workout, so it’s vital you get the sustenance you need to maintain your level of performance, and maximize recovery. These seven great snacks fit the bill perfectly.

What to eat for running?


We all know the importance of carbs for exercise, and bananas are a great, healthy way of getting them into you quickly pre-run, post-run, or even during your run.

7 Powerful Running Snacks That You Should Not Ignore

There’s a reason why we so often see tennis players in particular munching on bananas between games and that is because the fruit is a rich source of potassium, which helps fight against muscle cramps. That’s incredibly important for runners too, so make sure you always have a stash of this delicious fruit to assist you running diet.

Peanut butter (on whole wheat crackers or even apple slices)

When expending so much energy, you need healthy fats and proteins to assist in recuperation and muscle repair. Peanut butter, as long as it’s all-natural, organic stuff, can be the perfect food to get those required doses.

Instead of just spooning it in your mouth, for added taste why not spread it on apple slices (the health benefits of apples include natural sugars and vitamins) or whole wheat crackers, which provide important fibre and are another source of carbohydrates for energy.


Not only are smoothies incredibly tasty and varied (you could put almost anything you want into your creation), they are also quick and easy to make, packed full of goodness, and easy to consume post-run too: what’s not to like?

7 Powerful Running Snacks That You Should Not Ignore

The versatility of smoothies is clear to see. We have already mentioned the individual benefits of the likes of bananas and peanut butter, why not combine the two flavors in your blender to create a deliciously tasty snack. Almost guaranteed to be packed for of vitamins, minerals and other goodness (providing you select the right ingredients) have fun and stay healthy at the same time with this energy-providing snack.


Protein is one of the most important things to get into your system post workout due to its tissue-repairing qualities, and there are very few foods as rich in the substance as eggs. Eggs are so incredibly versatile too because they can be prepared in so many different ways hat it’s unlikely you will grow tired of this essential running snack.

Chocolate milk

Not an obvious choice by any means, chocolate milk is actually a smashing source of loads of good stuff: protein, carbs and vitamin B to boot. For those reasons, it’s a great drink to aid recovery, and served up cold with ice it’s incredibly refreshing too.

And of course there is an added benefit with chocolate milk, and that is the fact dairy is a wonderful source of calcium, which is great for your bones, increasing strength and endurance. You can even buy small cartons to take with you to consume during our run as great energy supplement. This really is runners’ delight (it’s tasty too of course!).


Low in calories but filling at the same time, carrots are great for maintaining weight levels if preparing for longer races.

7 Powerful Running Snacks That You Should Not Ignore

They contain a host of healthy vitamins too, so it’s not just about tricking your body into thinking its full. Fresh and served cold, carrot sticks are a great, healthy snack, and can be dipped in hummus too for added flavor.

Sweet potatoes

Again not an obvious choice, but sweet potatoes contain all manner of goodies, from healthy carb to potassium (aiding against muscle fatigue) and magnesium too.

Jam-packed with nutrients, it can also be served up a delicious snack, so it’s a win-win.

For all types of food, moderation is always the key. What is your favourite running snack? Share it with us in the comments below.

Keen runner Aimee Laurence is a health editor at Academic Writing Service and contributes huge numbers of articles of all aspects of health, both physical and mental.

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