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Freshen Up Yourselves With Sogurt’s Latest Product Line

by On Feb 19, 2019

Latest size and packaging perfect for single sampling to party sharing!

Freshen Up Yourselves With Sogurt's Latest Product Line

Founded in March 2010, Sogurt is the pioneer brand in providing the community with a fully self-service frozen yoghurt café. Their variety of innovative flavours and fun toppings have attracted both younger and older generations in creating colourful photo ops and vibrant pictorial memories. Since then, it has established itself as a household name within the local froyo business with its ever-growing customer base.

The Sogurt Story

Inspired by her travels and exposure to the buzzing DIY frozen yoghurt culture in Los Angeles, current Sogurt Spoonful owner Lee Li Ping was astonished by the refreshing concept of DIY-ing your own froyo creations. This led her to open the first froyo bar in Singapore that is completed with one-of-a-kind flavours and all-time favourite toppings that anyone can gleefully pick and choose from.

After years of research and perfecting a delicious soft-serve recipe, Sogurt was finally born. Sogurt is meant to allow consumers to feel the joy in every scoop while gathering space to foster a culture of love and friendship, connecting people and building a warm and welcoming haven for them. It has developed large and loyal followers from both online and off, catering towards people who are health-conscious or simply appreciate the taste and quality with the added fun of tasting their own quirky mixing and matching.

Owner of Sogurt, Ms Lee Li Ping expressed:

Sogurt is more than just serving frozen yogurt to the community. Human connections are at the heart of all we do and we envision impacting an entire generation of millennials to embrace meaningful relationships, grow in empathy, lead holistic lifestyles and live authentically to be the best version of themselves. We support diversity, value an entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, along with the courage to think and act beyond the status quo. We believe in staying curious and pushing boundaries.

Freshen Up Yourselves With Sogurt's Latest Product Line

120g mini pints: Original & Lychee Flavour

Latest Line Sogurt Spoonful

Along the months, Li Ping saw the surge in popularity and potential of Sogurt. However, she felt that it was limited within the stores. Hence, riding the waves of the concurrent upward trend for online ordering and delivery, Li Ping realised it was timely and worthwhile to expand the brand outside stores. Embarking on a newly crafted business model to spread Sogurt's reach, it has brought out the convenience and accessibility for the necessary experience of every spoonful to homes, schools and offices without the need to travel to the store.

In 2017, Sogurt Spoonful was branded a new HPB certified “healthier-choice” product line of hard-serve froyo and commenced development with the support and funding from SPRING Singapore’s CDG (Capability Development Grant). Following up in 2018, it was introduced in its new concept KARA stores as Singapore's first locally-produced frozen yoghurt ice-cream with prebiotics and live active bacterial cultures in pre-packed form.

The benefits of prebiotics go beyond gut and digestive health to weight loss by boosting one’s metabolism, and overall general well-being. From 473g tubs to its latest 120g mini pints, Sogurt Spoonful is naturally crafted with coconut oil and New Zealand skim milk that is wholesome and low in sugar. It certainly is a versatile product that can be used in multiple creative and healthy home recipes, such as froyo smoothies and granola bowls or just the perfect pick-me-up for any occasions.

Freshen Up Yourselves With Sogurt's Latest Product Line

120g mini pints: Berry Drizzle & Peach Mango

Sogurt Spoonful Flavours

Sogurt Spoonful currently has 6 premium handcrafted flavours to choose from:

  • Original: Creamy Tart Classic Flavour
  • Lychee: Tropical Sweetness from Local Lychees
  • Berry Swirl: Mix of Fresh Blueberries and Strawberries
  • Peach Mango: Combination of Luscious Peach and Juicy Mango
  • Dark Chocolate: High in Antioxidants
  • Strawberry Yuzu: Mix Blend of Sweetness from Strawberries and Tartness from Yuzu
Freshen Up Yourselves With Sogurt's Latest Product Line

120g mini pints: Chocolate & Strawberry Yuzu

Upcoming local flavours to look forward to:

  • Pandan Kaya
  • Salted Egg Yolk
  • Avocado Gula Melaka

Sogurt Spoonful prices are as follows in their individual flavours:

  • 473g tubs: $14.90 - $16 each
  • 120g mini pints: $4.20 - $4.65 each
  • Festive Box of Nine 120g mini pints: $42 per box (6 different flavours)

These make ideal wholesome dessert treats for your friends and families!

Order by phone, online or at the store. From now until the 31st March 2019, make a purchase of four festive boxes and get an extra one box for FREE! Such a good deal not to be missed! Hurry, buy yourselves a few boxes of Sogurt Spoonful today!

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