As a superfood, coconut is well known and loved for its incredible taste and various health benefits. From its water to the flesh, milk and oil, coconut is full of vitamins and minerals. In addition, coconut water contains a substantial amount of electrolytes that are useful for hydrating the body, making it one of the highly recommended drinks to be consumed after an intense exercise.

Mr Coconut History

Mr Coconut is founded by the trio Mr Andrew Cai, Ms Vivian Yeo and Mr Lucas Lin. The creation of Mr Coconut was inspired by Andrew and Vivian’s visit to Malacca, Vivian’s hometown. In Malacca, coconut shake is a popular drink among the locals and tourists alike. When they realised there were no similar offerings in Singapore, Andrew and Vivian decided to bring the idea of the delicious coconut shake to Singapore.

From left, founders of Mr Coconut, Mr Lucas Lin, Mr Andrew Cai, Ms Vivian Yeo and their team at Far East Plaza

Two years ago, the couple boldly opened their first outlet in Far East Plaza. They started the business with minimal manpower, working 16 hours a day. However, the lack of industry experience and knowledge almost caused them to go bankrupt, but that did not stop them from giving up.

Despite repeated failure, they recognised that the current challenging situation is not their final destination but a stepping stone to get them to the next chapter. With Andrew’s characteristic determination and tenacity to keep going, along with the support from Vivian, they decided to rebrand and relaunch the new Mr Coconut’s concept.

The New Mr Coconut Experience: Drink Fresh!

Used to be another brand selling mass-market drinks and desserts of all kinds, Mr Coconut has revamped its brand by creating 20 new drinks in various variety of flavours that offers something for everyone! All of Mr Coconut’s new made-to-order drinks are prepared with fresh coconut water.

Their flagship store at Far East Plaza has been recently renovated to mark its new beginning, as well as to celebrate its 2nd anniversary in Singapore.

Store front of Mr Coconut at Far East Plaza

Their signature drink that you must try is Coconut Shake – a delicious concoction that is vegan, dairy-free and healthy! It is made from the milk, water and flesh of the sweetest young Thai coconuts that are blended smoothly together with crushed ice. This drink is fragrant, refreshing, and perfect for cooling down and hydrating in Singapore’s hot climate. The Coconut Shake costs S$3.90 (Medium size, 500ml) and S$4.90 (Large size, 700ml)

Coconut Shake

Ms Vivian Yeo shared,

Singaporeans have become more conscious about healthy living and food. They are aware of the benefits of coconut water, as can be seen from the increased selection of fresh and packaged coconut water drinks in the supermarkets! Mr Coconut is taking it to the next level by using fresh Thai coconuts and blending them up with various ingredients for customers. Our exciting menu of coconut based drinks blended with fruit juices, fruit purees, even with cookies or caramel sauce, is developed to suit everyone’s different taste. We particularly recommend customers to try our signature Coconut Shake, which drew inspiration from the famous coconut shakes from Malacca!

Mr Coconut is proud to be the pioneer of coconut drinks in Singapore. Currently, there are 3 outlets in Singapore: Far East Plaza (14 Scotts Road, #01-14C, Mon-Thur 10am-10pm, Fri-Sun 10:30am-10:30pm), North Point (North Wing, #B1-42, Daily 10:30am-10:30pm), V Hotel Lavender MRT (70 Jellicoe Road #01-15, Daily 10am-10pm).

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