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Try Coconut Milk For A New Mix Of Your Favorite Sports Drink

by On Aug 25, 2014
Try Coconut Milk For A New Mix Of Your Favorite Sports Drink

Whether you just finished up an intense training session at the gym or a 10km run on the road, it's important that you fuel your body after working out. While most people immediately reach for milk or water to mix with their favorite protein powder, coconut milk may be the alternative that could change how you look at post-workout drinks. Made by extracting and grating mature coconuts, the fresh milky liquid that remains is quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in health and fitness. Here is a further look into coconut milk and why you may want to consider picking some up the next time you're at the market or grocery store.

Nutritional Values Of Coconut Milk

Milk offers a lot of nutritional value such as protein and calcium. Water is a great substitute if you don't have milk, as it will keep your body hydrated after an intense workout. However, coconut milk has plenty of key nutritional benefits as well.

  • Coconut milk has 0mg of cholesterol. In comparison to milk, which has about 24mg per 244g, coconut milk is great for those that are watching their blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Coconut milk has 5g of fiber, which is ideal for keeping your body regular and flushing out toxins. In comparison, milk has 0mg of fiber per serving.
  • While a glass of milk has as much as 13g of sugar in it, coconut milk has only 8g per serving.
  • Coconut milk also has fewer carbohydrates when looking at the caloric ratio, which is a factor many people use to determine the estimated glycemic level.
  • For those looking to get more protein, coconut milk rated higher on the amino acid score with an 87, compared to milk, which was 85. This score is used to determine the effectiveness of protein with complimentary foods in your diet.

Even if milk has been your go-to resource for years, it might be time to change it up and give coconut milk a chance.

Try Coconut Milk For A New Mix Of Your Favorite Sports Drink

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Maintaining Blood Sugar

For those that have high levels of blood sugar, it's important that they get enough nutrients that help lower these potentially fatal numbers. One of the key factors for lowing blood sugar is manganese. In each serving of coconut milk, there is about 2.2mg of manganese, which is more than 100% of the daily value that you should intake. Alternatively, neither milk nor water have manganese, which shows just how much better coconut milk can be for those with high blood sugar levels.

Helping To Prevent Anemia

If you do not get enough iron, then you could be at risk of becoming anemic, which occurs when your body does not get enough hemoglobin. While milk has just .1mg of iron per serving, coconut milk has 3.9mg, which is about 22% of the recommended daily value. If your doctor has ever mentioned that you are anemic or at risk of developing anemia, then coconut oil could help you increase the iron levels in your body.

Relax After A Heavy Workout

ZMA is a common supplement that many athletes will take after training. ZMA, or zinc monomethionine and asparate, has been shown to help athletes recover after a workout. This is because magnesium will relax the muscles and nerves, which means less soreness throughout the body. Coconut milk has 88mg of magnesium, which is about 22% of the recommended daily value.

Avoid Stiff Joints and Inflammation

If your joints hurt after a workout, then it could be because you aren't getting enough selenium in your diet. Without looking to fix this, you could be putting yourself at risk for arthritis later in life. However, coconut milk has 14.9mg of selenium per serving, which can decrease inflammation and make for better feeling joints in your body.

Try Coconut Milk For A New Mix Of Your Favorite Sports Drink

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Keep Your Prostate Healthy

Everyone should worry about the health of their prostate gland if they want to avoid health issues later in life. With coconut milk, you get roughly 1.6mg of zinc per serving, which will help promote a healthy prostate.

Fend Off Illness With A Stronger Immune System

If you feel a cold or some other sickness coming on, coconut oil may be what you need for help. With over 6mg of Vitamin C, coconut milk is a great option for ensuring that your immune system is able to fend off colds and other sicknesses.

Strong Bones And Strong Body

Many people think that milk is great for strong bones because it has calcium in it. While this is true, coconut milk is rich in phosphorus, which is an even more important nutrient for strengthening your bones. If you look at the nutrition label and see that coconut oil doesn’t have the same amount of calcium as milk, understand that it's still keeping your bones strong, just in a different way.

You can easily find coconut milk at your local market or grocery store. If you are growing tired of regular milk or water after workout, give coconut milk a go next time. Who knows, you might find something that you absolutely love and realize is much more healthy for you.

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