These Are The Best Marathon Running Shoes. Do You Agree?

by On Jan 28, 2019

Shoes play a part in the marathon, but how far does it actually help?

These are the best marathon shoes. Do you agree?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the perfect running shoes. When it comes to running, shoes alone does not determine how well your performance is. There are underlying factors such as height, weight, the shape of the feet, type of surface areas running on, running form and many others all affect your personal performance.

In other words, there is no particular shoe that will suit every kind of runners. However, there are a few outstanding shoes that pique the interest of the majority.

Some marathon runners are looking to just complete the course, while others are trying to achieve their new personal best. Nevertheless, getting the right pair of running shoes is also partially important for a great running experience.

It is good to know your preference firsthand before deciding which type of shoes is the best. Furthermore, attempting marathons is a great feat and I'm sure that you would not like to injure yourself while running right?

Regardless, these are some examples of the best marathon shoes that have been worn by famous marathoners around the world.

Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite

Eliud Kipchoge is one of the proud owners of the Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite. This pair of shoes was uniquely designed for his personal preference when taking part in the BMW Berlin Marathon 2018 on 16th September 2018. On top of that, he managed to shatter the marathon world record by 78 seconds and claiming the rights to be named the "fastest marathoner alive".

These are the best marathon shoes. Do you agree?

The Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite was designed to aid marathoners to bring out their full potential. It was also designed in order to attempt to break the two-hour barrier for marathon. The shoe features an ultra-lightweight, soft and capable of providing up to 85% energy return shoe foam with an embedded full-length curved carbon fibre plate that increases stiffness to provide a sensation of propulsion.

Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%

In conjunction with the Breaking2 project from Nike, Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% is also similar to the Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite. This 4% system created by Nike had the fastest marathon runner say "perfect...really perfect.". With support claims, more than half of all marathon held in 2018 finisher had Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% on their equipped.

These are the best marathon shoes. Do you agree?

The Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% integrates a new one-piece knit upper that ideally hugs the foot of the user. The ZoomX Foam is also being incorporated below the shoe that delivers only 80% energy return instead of 85%. Furthermore, it is paired with an extremely stiff carbon-fibre plate to extend push-off through the tips of the runner’s toes, reducing the amount of energy the runner is exerting.

adidas Adizero Adios BOOST 3.0

Before Eliud Kipchoge, there was Dennis Kimetto being crowned as the "fastest marathoner alive". Dennis Kimetto was wearing the lightweight Adizero Adios BOOST racing flat during the Berlin Marathon 2014 on 28 September 2014 and managed to achieve a time record of 2:02:57, which was the fastest timing back in 2014. Additionally, both top two female runners, Tirfi Tsegaye and Fayse Tadese, were also wearing the Adios BOOST-equipped shoes.

These are the best marathon shoes. Do you agree?

The adidas Adizero Adios BOOST was designed to have a locked-down fit for racing and fast training. It's responsive cushioning returns energy with every step while being ultra-lightweight and having breathable mesh upper offers support with a barely there feel. Furthermore, it gives you targeted stability, and a high-wear rubber outsole grips on dry and slick surfaces.

adidas Adizero Sub2

Before Dennis Kimetto, there was Wilson Kipsang. Wilson Kipsang was the former faster world marathon record holder during the Berlin Marathon back in 2013. As he took part in the Tokyo Marathon 2017, he was equipped with the Adidas Adizero Sub2 and managed to claim first place with an impressive time of 2:03:58. It was said that he was wearing “the only pair of adidas Adizero Sub2 shoes in existence, in an exclusive Energy Blue colourway.”.

These are the best marathon shoes. Do you agree?

The adidas Adizero Sub2 was designed with an intention to go head-to-head against Nike to be the first shoe to ever break the two-hour barrier in a marathon. This ultra-light shoe was built with breathable air mesh air mesh upper that locks down for an optimal fit with a Continental Rubber outsole allows you to run despite rain or shine.

Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo

If the Vaporfly and Pegasus had a child, it would be the Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo. This shoe was sent for extensive wear and tear testing as Nike travelled all the way to meet with Eliud Kipchoge just for his opinion on the Pegasus Turbo. To their surprise, Kipchoge managed to break his own 40-kilometre record in his first attempt. Additionally, they had developed a pair of trainers with 3D-printed uppers just for him to compete in the London Marathon 2018.

These are the best marathon shoes. Do you agree?

The Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo's lightweight design was achieved by removing as many elements as possible, including the centre section of the outsole. Furthermore, the carbon-fibre plate that is present in the Vaporfly Elite was removed in order to reduce stiffness and improve comfort for the wearer with the ZoomX foam sitting directly beneath the foot.

Brooks Prototype Hyperion

Two-time Olympian, Desiree Linden is the proud owner of the Brooks Prototype Hyperion. She may not be a world record holder, but she certainly had won the Boston Marathon 2018 on 16 April 2018. Linden was the very first American woman to win the women's race and pulling the spotlights from both the Kenyans and Ethiopians.

These are the best marathon shoes. Do you agree?

The Brooks Prototype Hyperion was designed with a very lightweight racing flat that has been stripped down to the bare essentials for a racing shoe that aims to be both fast and efficient. It is a bridge between ultra lightweight racers and lightweight daily trainers.

Nevertheless, shoes do not define a runner, but his mentality instead. It clearly shows that both Nike and adidas are at the top and going head-to-head to see which brand breaks the two-hour mark in marathons first. What are your thoughts on this list? Are there any shoes that supposed to be better? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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