Go Forever Faster with PUMA’s New Mobium Elite Speed and Ride

by On Sep 9, 2014
Go Forever Faster with PUMA's New Mobium Elite Speed and Ride

With PUMA's new brand platform "Forever Faster", The Fastest Sports Brand in the World embodies this ethos with a new range of running footwear.

When PUMA released the first Mobium Elite, it was the first adaptive shoe in the industry. Lightweight, flexible and elegant in its design, the Mobium Elite allowed the foot to move naturally with the added propulsion to help get through the gait cycle.

Introducing the Second Generation of the Mobium Series

This season, PUMA introduces Mobium Elite Speed, the second generation of the groundbreaking Mobium Elite. This update continues to be built for the midfoot/forefoot striker looking to run faster. The Mobium Elite Speed comes with the 3 key technologies – the Mobium Band, Windlass Chassis and the Forefoot Expansion Pods.

Go Forever Faster with PUMA's New Mobium Elite Speed and Ride

The Mobium Band enhances propulsion at toe-off while the Windlass Chassis mimics the windlass mechanism of the foot. Together with the Mobium Band, the Windlass Chassis facilitates the expansion and contraction of the midsole while the Forefoot Expansion Pods to expand and contract with the movement of the foot.

This second generation also features the Adaptive Fit upper that is designed to mimic the foot's movement throughout the gait cycle. The EVERRIDE+ injected blown rubber in the forefoot outsole provides enhanced cushioning for a smoother toe-off while the decoupled midsole and outsole allow for a softer ride.

Mobium Elite Ride is Designed and Built for Everyday Runners

This season, PUMA also introduces the Mobium Elite Ride. Designed and built for the more traditional heel striker looking for an everyday running shoe, the Mobium Elite Ride comes with the same 3 features as the Mobium Elite Speed – a Mobium Band designed specifically for heel strikers, Forefoot Expansion Pods and Windlass Chassis.

The Mobium Elite Ride also features the new Adaptive Fit in the heel, EVERRIDE+ injected blown rubber in the forefoot outsole and a decoupled heel crashpad for the initial heel strike phase.

Go Forever Faster with PUMA's New Mobium Elite Speed and Ride

Where to Buy?

Both the Mobium Elite Speed (S$159) and Mobium Elite Ride (S$179) are now available in PUMA and Royal Sporting House retail outlets.

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