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Merrell Moab FST: Shoes with Style, Character and a Noble Heritage

by On Nov 15, 2016

Moab is the key to a collection of Merrell hiking shoes that has become something of a dynasty in the world of outdoor footwear.

Merrell Moab FST: Shoes with Style, Character and a Noble Heritage

Merrell has about 42 shoe options available for both men and women who consider themselves intrepid adventurers — those who know a thing or two about a proper shoe for anyone who is up for reaching mountain summits and conquering daunting forests and trails.

Merrell likes to say it's Moab franchise can best be described as a juggernaut the company built, which has grown to be a formidable brand in a crowded hiking shoe market.

That's a perfect description — and it's why the latest iteration of outdoor shoes in the Moab collection are exceeding the expectations of loyal shoppers, many of whom are delighted by the surprises awaiting them each time new styles are debuted.

What's in a Name?

If you know your Old Testament, you recognise the name Moab, first mentioned in the book of Genesis. Moab refers to a land. A people. The oldest son of Lot. Throughout the earliest books of the Bible, the Plains of Moab are described as harrowing wastelands of rugged terrain that, over centuries, were fought over by rival tribes despite the fact that this land remained untamed and treacherous.

Suffice to say, when Merrell chose to name their collection after the land of Moab, the company sent a powerful message to discriminating shoe buyers who are willing to pay for shoes that consistently go above and beyond the call of duty — just as prophets travelling this land did so many centuries ago!

Merrell Moab FST: Shoes with Style, Character and a Noble Heritage

A Shoe on a Mission

Merrell's contemporary Moab additions continue a heritage of exquisitely-constructed, all-weather shoes with up-to-date features that add to the safety, experience and enjoyment of any hike.

Super-charged outdoor activities call for footwear that performs in all climates and weather because intrepid trekkers don't much care whether it's snowing or blowing if they've a trail to blaze and their feet are comfortable.

Ice, mud and rain? Nothing to worry about - particularly since the latest Moab styles are setting trends in concert with Merrell's 35th anniversary celebration. But, nostalgia is one thing. Modernity is another.

So while wearers enjoy improved fit and comfort, the newest iterations of the Moab FST protect and support the foot to a higher degree than ever before, and look stylish while doing so.

No slipping or sliding permitted courtesy of Merrell's proprietary Vibram Arctic Grip and shoppers choosing from footwear in the ICE+THERMO Collections can anticipate three times more traction from new Moab FSTs than any other shoe on the market.

Safe? Sure? The newest models have the capability to outperform mountain goats that know a thing or two about footing!

Merrell Moab FST: Shoes with Style, Character and a Noble Heritage

Features You Can Count On

The latest Moab FSTs feature six sole patterns. Why do sole patterns matter? It's not strictly about aesthetics: Thermochromatic lugs affixed to several of the newest Moab selections are intelligent: If temperatures plunge below 32-degrees Fahrenheit, the lugs change colour from white to blue so if your mind is fixed on the sheer beauty of the landscape before you, your soles will alert you to changing temperature extremes.

But soles aren't the only features you can take to the bank: Moab FST line extensions available after 1st October 2016, are fabricated to Merrell's usual exacting standards using the sturdiest leather, mesh and TPU upper materials.

Together, these materials are engineered for years of use without breaking down or coming apart. Debris stays on the trail courtesy of the wide bellows tongue and clever lace-up closure, yet thanks to the breathable mesh lining, hikers with a propensity for hot, sweaty feet are going to have to find something else to complain about!

Benefits Your Feet Crave

Debris repelling? Check. Breathability? Double check. But would you believe us if we told you that your feet will be pampered, even when you're out and about in the most extreme conditions? It's true.

The latest Merrell Moab FSTs offer foot bed odour control, arch support and air cushioning for both stability and heel protection, even when daunting shocks assault your feet. The sole's lug depth is beefy to make sure soil, snow and rocks stay where they belong: beneath your hiking shoes.

Despite doing yeoman duty on the most rugged of terrains, we should warn you that if you're a guy looking to make a fashion statement, the colour palette chosen for all but one pair of Moab's in Merrell's current library are fairly traditional earthy tones, but that's for a reason: Why would you want to spend time cleaning your trekking kicks when you could be out hiking? On the other hand, red Moab's are available and ladies can choose from both neutral and brighter hues.

Fans of the Merrell Moab shoe library will be delighted to know that the latest models are noticeably lightweight enough to transit those formidable hills and intimidating terrain without making wearers feel as though there are weights strapped to their soles.

Merrell MOAB FST collection. Retail Price: S$179 - S$239

The Merrell MOAB FST collection is available at Stadium Takashimaya S.C. and all Royal Sporting House stores. (Excluding outlet stores – Bedok Mall, Cathay Cinesleisure, Changi City Point, IMM and The Star Vista) for S$179 - S$239.

In summary, shoppers adding any of the new selections from the 2016 Moab collection have more than enough reason to celebrate comfort and protection as they pursue their passion for conquering the great outdoors.

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