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Outfit of the Week #14: Have a Blast at the Gym with this Outfit for Men!

by On Dec 30, 2014
Outfit of the Week: Have a Blast at the Gym with this Outfit for Men!

With the rainy season now, you might not be able to get as many outdoor runs as you might like. But don't let that put a damper on your spirits! Wear this rocking outfit and hit the gym instead!

The Run Big Twist t-shirt from Under Armour is built from soft, light, fast-drying UA Tech fabric, and is perfect for the gym! Pair it with a pair of popular Compression X Run shorts from 2XU.

Accessories are what make an outfit, so slap on the Nike+ Fuelband SE and Jabra Sport Pulse wireless earphones, which both excellent ways to stay motivated! Get your protein fix with a BlenderBottle ProStak, and store your gear with a sensible duffle bag from Herschel.

Lastly, the Under Armour Speedform Apollo finishes the entire look. Now get to the gym and have a blast!

Outfit of the Week: Have a Blast at the Gym with this Outfit for Men!

1. Men's UA Run Big Twist T-Shirt, US$29.90 at Under Armour;

2. Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless, S$298 at authorised Jabra resellers and online;

3. Nike+ Fuelband SE, US$99 at Nike;

4. BlenderBottle ProStak, US$13.99 at Blenderbottle;

5. Compression X Run Short, US$79.95 at 2XU;

6. Speedform Apollo, S$147.97 at Under Armour;

7. Novel Duffle, US$79.99 at Herschel.

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