Outfit of the Week #18: Flashes of Colour in Reebok

by On Mar 13, 2015
Outfit of the Week: Flashes of Colour in Reebok

Men, if you're afraid of wearing colours, let RunSociety show you how. Add two to three colours to your all-black workout outfit and you're good to go!

Try on this cool neon blue tank, which also comes in violet. With forward shoulder and side seams for optimal mobility, this slim fit top, wears close to body and is ideal for high-performance exercise. Contrast that with these stunning red kicks—these Reebok running shoes absorbs shock well and has a stable lateral arch for maximum ground contact. The red touch in these Spartan Performance Arm Sleeves not only complement the crimson shade, they also contour well to the body for maximum muscle support.

To help you run for the long haul, slip on these socks that come with an arch gripper for secure fit, targeted cushioning to soften impact. Do also don on these mesh-panelled tights, specially designed for high-impact and long-distance runs. Not only are they heat-releasing, they are also moisture-freeing, so they'll give you the support you need from the first kilometre to the last.

In keeping with the lime details, you can match this unisex sports watch. These also come in white and violet, white and pink, blue and white, grey and orange, as well as black and red. Top it all off with this UV-protecting black cap. Reviews say that it's lightweight, fits like a charm and wicks moisture really well—great for savvy runners like yourselves!

Outfit of the Week: Flashes of Colour in Reebok

  1. Reebok Spartan Performance Arm Sleeves, US$55
  2. Reebok One Series 57RONG Tank, US$28
  3. Reebok One Series Running Cap, US$24
  4. Workout Zig Watch, US$130
  5. Reebok De-Constructed Sock, US$12
  6. Reebok One Cushion 2.0, US$114.99
  7. Reebok One Series Tight, US$70

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