Outfit of the Week #21: Stay Cool and Dry

by On May 12, 2015
Outfit of the Week #21: Stay Cool and Dry

When you run, you don't want any bulging pockets that will hinder you. And pouches to hold essentials like your phone can hamper your stride, too. So what is a guy to do?

Fret not, try your hand at this handy handheld phone case with a hand strap (yes, that's a lot of "hands")! Together with the sleek side grooves, you can just grab your phone and go!

If you're running longer distances, then you'll need to hydrate frequently and what better way to do so than with the Nike Storm 2 Bottle Waist-pack. Featuring two small bottles strategically placed for less distractions whilst on the move, it has an adjustable elastic webbing belt that locks in place for a secure fit during workouts.

This top and shorts combo is not only a safe colour combo for lazy days, but also a functional one. Their sweat-wicking light fabrics will keep you cool while this super-absorbent towel will help soak up the rest of your perspiration.

Slip into the latest Nike Flyknit Lunar 3—a lightweight plush running shoe—and you'll be off for the most light-footed run ever! These come in a white, crimson and black too. Top it all off with these suave shades, and you are all good to go!

Outfit of the Week #21: Stay Cool and Dry

  1. Nike Hydro Towel, US$18 from Dick's Sporting Goods;
  2. Nike Show X2 R Sunglasses, US$176 from Nike Store;
  3. Nike Pro Combat Core 2.0 Fitted Short-Sleeve Crew Men's Shirt, US$28 from Nike Store;
  4. Nike Handheld Phone Case, US$40 from Nike Store;
  5. Nike Storm 2 Bottle Waist-pack, A$27.09 from Wiggle;
  6. Nike 5" Phenom Two-in-One Men's Running Shorts, US$60 from Nike Store;
  7. Nike Flyknit Lunar 3, US$150 from Nike Store

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