Outfit of the Week #22: Blazing the Trail

by On Jul 1, 2015

It's the way you ride the trail that counts.

Outfit of the Week #22: Blazing the Trail

Any trail runner will tell you that being armed with the right gear and attire will make or break your run. Blaze the trail race-wise and fashion-wise with this bright rose jacket. Woven with Goretex Windstopper technology, this hooded jacket, paired with a water-friendly, lightweight cap, will shield you from the wind and rain as well as let you stand out from the crowd.

Complement any brightly coloured jacket with this monochrome, paint-streak tank with a flattering cut and a compression-tight, cotton-soft capri. These pieces have M-Select™ WICK properties to keep moisture off of your skin and dry quickly, giving you the best comfort while running through humid, tropical rainforest trails. Plus, the body-hugging athletic fit of the capris moves with you while you run, helping you deal ascents and descents with ease.

To tackle uneven terrain, spare no expense on protecting and ensuring comfort for your feet! People tend to neglect the socks and focus on performance shoes but try these on for size. Designed with an arch support and cushioned footbed feel, these Merrell Siren Sport Socks are made for trail runners as well as for day hikers and travel. Using NanoGLIDE™ technology, microchannels of its extremely hydrophobic, durable and anti-friction fibres eliminate bulk while delivering unprecedented, dry, friction-free comfort.

Be sure-footed as a capra in this extremely lightweight speed hiker, made for the adrenaline-pumping climbs and scrambles. The Capra Sport features a stabilising hoof-shaped outsole and more air cushioning at the heel to absorb shock so you can descent slopes confidently. Rapid ascents are made with ease as the tapering on the forefoot allows for maximum ground feel and responsiveness over variable terrain. Supportive sides are created using a Stratafuse™ exoskeleton that fuses the foot cage to mesh uppers for extreme lightweight durability. A TrailProtect™ pad provides the arch support and the additional protection off road that trail runners need and will appreciate.

Of course, you'll need a hardy backpack to take with you on your trail adventures! Available in burnt orange and black, this one incorporates a comfortable padded back panel, a ventilated shoulder strap system, pockets and hip belt with side-release buckles, all while keeping things lightweight at just 240 grams.

Tag, tweet or instagram us pictures of your next trail-blazing #OOTW! We'd love to see 'em!

Outfit of the Week #22: Blazing the Trail

  1. Windstopper Woven Jacket, US$139.99 (sale*), US$200 (usual)
  2. Vantage Hat, US$19.99 (sale*), US$30 (usual)
  3. Emma Tank, US$45
  4. Siren Sport Sock, US$18
  5. Luton Bagpack, US$60
  6. Lithos Capri, US$44.99 (sale*), US$65 (usual)
  7. Capra Sport, US$130 or S$189

*Sale prices available at time of writing.

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