Outfit of the Week #29: Usher in the New Year in Glam

by On Jan 10, 2017

Find the joy of running with the Polar M200.

Outfit of the Week #29: Usher in the New Year in Glam

There must be a reason why Pris is convinced that her Polar M200 Is Cooler (and less expensive) Than her Cousin’s.

The Polar M200 is a budget focused device made to motivate and guide you with very step of the way. A comfortable and lightweight watch, it makes you feel as though you are not wearing a watch!

In-built with smartphone notifications, GPS, and an optical heart rate monitor on the back, the Polar M200 packs in a lot for its price, offering the basic essentials for any runners. The sports smartwatch also comes with a number of pre-set activities, which you can add on to through the app, and works with Polar’s training programs.

Despite its unassuming look, the Polar M200 is the watch to go for if you are looking to get more serious with your running workouts but are concerned with the cost. You can also blend in your personal style with the Polar M200, with the changeable wristbands in white, fresh blue, mellow yellow, black and bright red, that is available for purchase separately to suit your outfit of the day.

Match this sporty device with Uniqlo’s Light Pocketable Parka, designed to provide convenience for all.

Made with durable and water repellent fabric with UV filtration features, the Light Pocketable Parka is perfect to don for a day of sports or a day out in town. The design comes with a convenient hole meant for earphones and allows for it to be easily pocketed and transformed into a convenient bag when turned inside out.

Pair this with the modern, relaxed style from Uniqlo’s Drape Half Sleeve V Neck Blouse. Go with a feminine and elegant look for the day with its longer rear hem providing a relaxed style and drop shoulders for a laid-back feel.

Add on to the modern relaxed style with the U Extra Fine Merino Pleated Skirt from Uniqlo which provides a sophisticated feel to your outfit.

Made from ultra-premium extra-fine Merino wool, the U Extra Fine Merino Pleated Skirt works well with a wide range of looks you are looking to achieve for the day. It comes with a pleated design that adds elegance to your movements, with a slightly longer mimollet length for a clean fresh style.

Outfit of the Week #29: Usher in the New Year in Glam

Complete your outfit of the day with Nike’s Air Zoom Structure 20. Designed with dynamic support and dynamic fit technology, together with its seamless Flymesh upper and Nike Zoom air unit, the Air Zoom Structure 20 provides you with enhanced stability, fit and breathability, bringing you comfort in your strides.

  1. Polar M200, SG$219 from Polar
  2. Women Light Pocketable Parka, SG$49.90 from Uniqlo
  3. Women Drape Half Sleeve V Neck Blouse, SG$39.90 from Uniqlo
  4. Women U Extra Fine Merino Pleated Skirt, SG$79.90 from Uniqlo
  5. Air Zoom Structure 20, SG$199 from Nike

Welcome 2017 in style!

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Yun Jie is a competitive athlete and coach who is actively involved in various sports at community and international levels. Through editorial writing, she hopes to positively influence and educate readers with her expertise and experience in high sports performance.

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