Outfit of the Week #31: Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat

by On Jun 27, 2017

Sweat is fat crying. Let it bawl as loud as it can.

Outfit of the Week #31: Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat

Be it a high intensity interval training in the gym, or a low impact jog around the park, do something today that will make you sweat. The more you sweat today, the stronger you’ll be tomorrow. So, get off your couch and let’s sweat.

Complete your sweaty days with this selection of gear and apparel to make your workouts more fun and comfortable.

As a performance sportswear tank top, the Women Dry-EX Tank Top is made of DRY-EX material that dries quickly even in the sweatiest conditions. Breathable mesh panels in the back ensure that you’ll always stay cool when heat and sweat build up. In addition, the seamless sides provide frictionless feel against the skin.

Do not let anything, let alone sweat, be a hindrance in chasing your destiny. That’s why Polar M430 is waterproof and weatherproof to accompany you throughout all your workouts, be it on the land, in the weather, in the rain or even under the snow.

The smart coaching feature in Polar M430 offers unparalleled benefits for runners who want more. It can create a personal and adaptive training plan that fits you and your goals, test your fitness level anytime and anywhere with wrist-based heart rate monitor, show how your running performance is developing, monitor your training load continuously to recognise your fitness limits and adjust training intensity accordingly, monitor your recovery rate and sleep patterns.

The Sweat Squad Towel is the perfect companion during your intense sweaty workouts. Made from super soft LJ cotton blend terry towelling, this towel promises ultimate comfort. With a practical size of 90cm long x 41cm wide, it’s going to be your reliable workout and travel buddy.

Carry all your workout gear in Everything I Own bag, which has the capacity up to 5kg. The bag comes with an adjustable strap with padded slider, detachable shoulder strap, single zip opening and multiple internal pockets to store small loose valuables. Oh, this bag is not only for the gym, it’s a perfect hand luggage for your weekend getaways or staycations!

Put on a pair of Saucony Freedom ISO shoes, the first ever full-length Everun midsole designed for greater energy return will make you feel you could keep going forever. Meanwhile, the minimal Support Frame in the heel grabs and holds the heel securely without added weight. The crystal rubber outsole provides great traction, high durability as well as respectable flexibility that highlights Freedom ISO’s smooth, fluid feel throughout the run.

If you swear by compression tights, you should wear Nike Zonal Strength Tights. The running tights offer incredible support to the key muscles involved in running, namely quads and calves. The tights reduce muscle vibration without reducing mobility, thus you spend less energy for better performance.

Outfit of the Week #31: Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat

  1. WOMEN Dry-EX Tank Top, S$19.90 from UNIQLO
  2. Polar M430, S$359 from Polar
  3. Squad Sweat Towel, USD$23 from Lorna Jane
  4. Everything I Own bag, US$69.99 from Lorna Jane
  5. Saucony Freedom ISO, S$199 from Royal Sporting House stores
  6. Nike Zonal Strength Tights, US$150 from Nike

I feel prettiest when I sweat. Do you?

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