Outfit of the Week #16: Get Adventure Date Ready this V-day!

by On Feb 10, 2015
Outfit of the Week: Get Adventure Date Ready this V-day!

Avoid the weekend mall and restaurant crowds this Valentine's Day. Make your partner swoon and head outdoors for a little adventure for two instead!

Whether you're exploring a new nature trail, whizzing around on bikes, or tackling an adventure course together, you and your partner can look good together. Give those cheesy identical couple tees a miss and opt for matching colour schemes!

An ombre-toned ladies' tank top from ROXY complements with this turquoise Nike Miller Men's Running Tee. A sporty couple like yourselves should also step out in style with tasteful and comfortable sports shoes from Saucony.

Why pay for an overpriced Valentine's Day meal in a restaurant when you can pack a romantic picnic in these chic matching bag packs? Guys, you could bring along your own candlelight and gift this aromatic French Pear, Cinnamon and Vanilla MNB Love Soy Candle to your sweetheart.

Running out of gift ideas for your beau? Consider TomTom's brightly-coloured Runner Cardio watch or Oakley's lightweight Chainlink sunglasses available in a myriad of hues for your running buddy and significant other.

Alternatively, seal your promise to embark on more adventures together with this Wanderlust World Map Poster from Etsy. After all, dates and quality couple time are not just for V-day!

Outfit of the Week: Get Adventure Date Ready this V-day!

    1. Wanderlust World Map Poster, S$32.11 from Etsy;
    2. Ladies Cutback Tank, S$62 from ROXY;
    3. Nike Miler Men's Running Tee, A$44.99 from Rebel Sport;
    4. Little America Bagpack, US$89.99 from Herschel;
    5. Saucony Ride 7 Men's, S$159 at all Royal Sporting House stores;
    6. TomTom Runner Cardio, S$449 from TomTom;
    7. Oakley Chainlink Sunglasses, US$150 from Dick's Sporting Goods;
    8. Saucony Ride 7 Women's, S$159 at all Royal Sporting House stores;
    9. Ladies Likey Bag, S$96 from ROXY;
    10. MNB Love Soy Candle, A$39.99 from Lorna Jane


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